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Don’t let that smile fool you… I’m the one who blogs!

The Geekly Press was created by a blogger (previously at tvdramaqueen.wordpress.com) who found herself to be a fan of more than just TV dramas. So she found herself blogging about movies, and geekly events, and became determined to develop a site that would encompass all of this!

What you can expect here is blogs on TV ShowsMovies (including updates on “Almost Reel” films that may not even be in production yet), events like Comic-Con and other conventions, and the slow and steady building of what will one day be an impressive comic book collection, so have a look around, and happy reading!

Shannon’s crazy cat  rating system for news and reviews (from most to least amused, note some reviews will merit a combination):


She continues to blog about TV and movies, but covers more and more and more conventions, and is now an affiliate blogger of Phoenix Comicon!



Also please feel free to leave comments on blogs, as well as contact me about any shows, movies, comics etc, that you would like to see blogged about!

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