Watch out for Asps and Orcs! Jonathan Rhys-Davies will be at Phoenix Comicon!

john_rhys_davies_fbHi Readers,

Last night we shared that we would be covering all of the awesome updates for Phoenix Comicon, and this morning we have our first big update!

Joining the ever epic ranks of guests (like Mark Sheppard, or Bruce Campbell) Jonathan Rhys-Davies will be at the convention this year!

Primarily known for his roles as Sallah in the Indiana Jones franchise, and as Gimili of Middle Earth, Rhys-Davies has been on screens, big or small for 50 years now and a lot of fans will be thrilled to get to see him at the convention! At this point, while we don’t have a specific date or location, we’re expecting that he’ll be in the big hall, probably on Saturday or Sunday.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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