Avoid Wars You Can’t Win, House of Cards S2e5

HOC_s2e5_Frank_RingHi Readers,

I am indeed still making my way through House of Cards season two, and I am still of course blogging about each episode. It is taking me a bit longer than I’d planned though, considering I’d wanted to do one a week (like a normal show instead of binging on the whole thing) and it seems like I’m on pace at about 1 every two weeks. Hopefully I’ll be on pace soon, I’ll blame last week’s disruption on WonderCon. Now with my apologies for tardiness out of the way, let’s get to the recap.

HOC_S2e5_President_DisappointedAs far as the politics go, I’m not shocked by anyone’s behavior, and I know that Frank will never simply behave the way that Raymond Tusk wants him too. I also know that he’s not necessarily an honest man, but I was actually surprised at how dishonest he was with the President, who once again, I find myself feeling sorry that he’s caught between Frank and Tusk, the two men he’s supposed to be able to trust the most.

HOC_s2e5_Frank_Feng At this point with things falling through with China, there’s no movement on the bridge unless the dropped lawsuit is reintroduced.  My big question though is about everyone’s motivations, especially Raymond’s. I mean yeah, he stands to make tons of money by getting the HOC_s2e5_Tuck_Hungupbridge project approved as quickly as possible, but the guy’s a billionaire. I guess I’m just surprised that this one deal means so much to him. That being said, who knows what he’ll do now, since Frank’s actions resulted in the President hanging up on him, for apparently the first time ever. Even if things HOC_s2e5_Reporterhadn’t gotten so bad, if he had even assumed that Frank contributed to the news getting leaked could have been enough to get him riled up.  Deep down, even with all of this going on, I don’t really care HOC_s2e5_Stamperabout the bridge or the currency manipulation, I was just thrilled that first we learned that Stamper was actually an alcoholic, but a “sober one” when he gave his “fuck the 0” speech at an AA meeting last season, and second that Feng may have tried to get under his skin, he held his own pretty well.

HOC_s2e5_Frank_AugustusMoving on to Frank’s personal life, the fact that his negotiations were all taking place during a Civil War reenactment and he was able to meet a man choosing to be his ancestor was oddly interesting, even though it had little to do with the actual story arcs. I have to imagine that if something like that happened in real life that it would have a special kind of eeriness to it.

HOC_s2e5_Claire_SethAnd when it comes to Frank’s better half Claire, things are definitely getting a bit dicey. I don’t trust Seth Grayson at all. While last episode I was happy to see her turn the tables on that reporter, and get the general who raped her in hot water, I kind of don’t feel bad for her that her secret wasn’t as safe as she thought it was. That being said, I’ll repeat, I don’t trust Seth Grayson. I don’t think that Claire has the only copy, and I don’t think that moving Connor out of his position will be as easy as Seth thinks. I really have mixed feelings about this because I won’t pity Claire if she’s caught, but I’d hate to see either of the Underwood’s gotten the best of by someone like Grayson.

On a completely different note I also have mixed feelings about what Claire, the congresswoman and the First Lady want of the military, considering the hot water it’s in over how rape is handled. HOC_s2e5_Claire_Military_MeetingHonestly I feel like things being as bad as they are proves that in this issue the military has failed to self govern, however I don’t know that throwing civilians into things will improve much. In civilian life rapes go unreported all the time, because the helplessness and fear of the victim isn’t simply because the crime was committed by a superior, just that it happened was bad enough. Not to mention that rapists get off in civilian courts, there’s no guarantee that civilians having input would fix the problem, which isn’t simply the lack of prosecution, but that women are being raped in the first place. Again I have mixed feelings. I’m not in the military and so to some degree I feel like I only deserve so much of an opinion on the matter.

HOC_s2e5_GoodwinMoving on to Goodwin, and by extension Gavin. Can you guess who I feel worse for after this episode? If you guessed Goodwin you’d be wrong. Now understand that I do definitely feel bad for Gavin, and I’m most certainly rooting for him (while simultaneously rooting for Frank) he HOC_s2e5_Poor_Goodwinwas set up not just by someone he trusted, but essentially by the HOC_s2e5_Goodwin2very corrupt system that has protected men like Francis Underwood, and so he does deserve some pity. But, and this is a big BUT, he made his own choices to commit something that he knew, and Gavin warned, was an illegal act. He could have walked away, but he chose to go on with things.

Gavin however, yes, Gavin has made his own choices as well, which is why he’s in the place he’s in, but I couldn’t help but feel awful both for him and for Cashew, and so now, as much as I root for Goodwin, I’m rooting for Gavin more.

HOC_s2e5_GavinI don’t know how much we’ll continue to see of him at this point now that his work with Goodwin is through (and since I’ve been avoiding spoilers on this show like crazy), but if we do see more of him I’d like to think it of him kicking some cyber ass, and ending up on a tropical island chilling with his guinea pig.


On to the next episode though. Hopefully I’ll have another House of Cards post up this week!

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