What Might Have Been, Mad Men Season 7 episode 8

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With episode 9 starting shortly it was clearly time that I jot down a few thoughts on how Mad Men kicked off their final episodes. And in the opinion of this writer it was a fabulous beginning of the end.

indexLet’s start with Peggy. If she hadn’t aggressively worked her way to the position she’s in now (and one that she has at times emotionally regretted) she might have been in a happy and healthy relationship. She’s certainly in the best place for one finally, after saying that she’s “tried new fashioned”. Considering her romantic 180 the following morning it may be impossible to predict where she’ll land at the end of the series. Personally, I still hope she’d end up with Rizzo, as I think they balance each other out pretty well.mad-men-recap-06apr15-02

JoandressingLikewise, Joan, who is now filthy rich and doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to might have ended up still a sales girl in a department store. Christina Hendricks was flawless as Joan icily replied to the girl who mentioned that she might have worked there in the past. I really can’t blame Joan though. She earned her position (and no not because she slept with a rep from jaguar) and still has to put up with sexist jerks, so who can begrudge her for wanting to avoid reminders of her previous lowly position.

mad-men-season-7-episode-8-jon-hamm-kevin-rahmTuring to the men now, looking at Cosgrove, as much as I’d love his creative side to flourish, I think that ship has sailed. And quite honestly, while I felt horrible for him when he was sacked, I much prefer him finally getting to make life as miserable for the company (especially Pete) as they made it for him, by being their point of contact for DOW.


index1Finally, as we turn to Don, it would have seemed that everything, initially, was as it should be for a single, successful man of Madison Avenue. However, with the recollection and death of Rachel Katz (formerly Menken), Don had to navigate some emotional waters as he was forced to confront the thoughts of what might have been for he and Rachel if different decisions had been made along the way. waitressPersonally, though I loved her character, I never felt that they were meant to be, both living in a world with cleaner images, but fewer choices. Regardless, I think that Don’s acknowledgment at the end of the episode, and the understanding he had of his attraction to the waitress in the diner, shows his growth of the course of the series and his deeper self-awareness.John-Slattery-in-Mad-Men-Season-7-Episode-8

As an honorable mention, Sterling’s mustache might have been my least favorite part of the episode. I’m not opposed to mustaches it was just a bit of a distraction, a distraction that I hope he shaves.

What were your thoughts on the episode? Leave a comment.

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