Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice… Possible Sequel in the Works!

BeetlejuiceHi Readers,

While I’m still too cautious to say that name a third time (too many nightmares as a little kid), It looks like we’ll be seeing that name on the big screen for a second time! Rolling Stone, and other outlets are reporting that Michael Keaton said in a recent interview for Robocop that “if [Tim Burton’s] in, it’s going to be hard not to be in.” So we’re taking a look at what made the original so great and what we can hope for in a sequel!

For any that have seen Beetlejuice numerous times, there are a few things that come to mind. The first is usually the man himself, played by Michael Keaton. He’s dead, he’s gross, and he really wanted to marry Lydia. Other thoughts about Beetlejuice usually involve hearing “Day-O!”, and subsequently getting that song stuck in your head for at least a day, but there are worse songs to have stuck in your head.images

There was the unique take on the afterlife, and for myself especially there was Lydia. She was always by far my favorite character of the movie. What has made the movie so enduring though, and why would a sequel necessarily be a good thing?

I think that first and foremost is was definitely the combination of all these factors. Tim Burton’s style may not seem as intriguing as it used to, but that’s only because Tim Burton became noticed for his style for movies like Beetlejuice; honestly I don’t think that the sequel should be done by anyone else, and I’m glad that Michael Keaton feels that way too.

beetlejuicelydiaI’ll go out on a limb here, and make the assumption that my next statements are the result of having seen this movie as a young girl, who identified with Lydia, but for the most part, the adults of the film never interested me that much. Beetlejuice_no-exit


Retrospectively, though the balance of the Maitlands striving for normalcy, while Lydia sought an individualism,  that wouldn’t fit into a mold either parent would have preferred, is something I appreciate only now. Jeffrey_Jones_plays_Charles_Deetz_in_Beetlejuice

The Maitlands didn’t belong in the wacky land of the dead, anymore than Lydia belonged in her specific little corner of the world of the living. Even in her oddness, Lydia was incredibly relateable. That may be though because I’ve also got a cooky mom and a down to earth father, but regardless of that I loved Catherine O’Hara and Jeffrey Jones in this film.

beetlejuice-cartoonThis is probably why, despite finding Beetlejuice so repulsive, I absolutely also loved the Beetlejuice cartoon. It gave us more Lydia, and more of the afterlife, recentlydeceasedwhich I’d always wished we’d gotten more of in the movie (I would have loved to read that handbook for the “Recently Deceased”)

To that end I’m thrilled that Winona Ryder, also made comments that were quoted in the Rolling Stone article, to the extent of:

“I’m kind of sworn to secrecy,” she said. “But it sounds like it might be happening.” She also added that it would not be a remake. “It’s 27 years later,” Ryder said. “And I have to say, I love Lydia so much. She was such a huge part of me. I would be really interested in what she is doing 27 years later.”

I truly think looking back (and maybe this is just me) that even though the movie started with the Maitlands, it ends with Lydia, because it’s about her victory, not theirs. She saw herself as strange and unusual, and in the end was able to become a part of the strange and unusual. So as long as we’ll see Lydia again too, Then this is how I’ll feel about watching the sequel!

What are your thoughts on a Beetlejuice sequel? Let us know with the poll, or in the comments!

One thought on “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice… Possible Sequel in the Works!

  1. I’m pretty sure beetle juice didn’t deserve to get made the first time, so a sequel is bewildering to me. While I understand Tim buttons style has progressed he has become much more mainstream lately and to look back at his roots gives some perspective: 1. He was not a grat director when he started (except for the nightmare before Christmas) but his wacky style got him
    Noticed during few bad years in movie making. Of course, now people emulate his old style in better ways (paranorman and Caroline) but it did start with him. 2. Hey mister tally man give me a banana…oh, wait…what I meant to say was he did bring a good amount of talent into one movie so that was cool. And, unless they can replicate that with cool big names (maybe Tarantino to direct – also an overrated director, odly enough) they’ll end up with a potential fail. What they really need to remake is “Ghoulies” or the cult favorite “house”.

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