The Blacklist S1e4, What you don’t know

So you know the old phrase “What you don’t know can’t hurt you“? Well the whole thing was all far too long to type into a blog post title, but that’s essentially where this most recent episode of The Blacklist left me, and I’m loving the show more and more with each episode.

The Blacklist, Season 1 episode 4: The Stewmaker

The episode started with a man checking into a hotel, and then with a level of thoroughness  that would make Dexter Morgan feel like he may have a thing or two to learn, removes trace evidence of himself, and hangs plastic sheets, creating a room, where presumably one would not want evidence left after a murder.

Evidence 1Elizabeth’s piecing more information together regarding the redacted ballistics report on her husband’s gun.  She get enough information to at least look into a file room, and view a box of files with one the phrase “Angel Station” and a date  June 23rd, 2012 reminding us of where her personal priorities are.  When it comes to her professional priorities, The-Blacklist-Episode-1-04-No-161-The-Stewmaker-the-blacklist-35702256-600-400she’s about to spend a day in court, hopefully putting away a drug cartel, Hector Lorca.  Red calls her though, and when she goes to meet him, he lets her know that Lorca’s people have reached out to him, to get him out of the country, which The-Blacklist-Season-1-Episode-4-The-Stewmakermeans Lorca is confident that a conviction isn’t going to happen.  Not shockingly Red’s right, and a diversion in the court room results in the key witness being kidnapped, taken to the Stewmaker, and (in a more more efficient method than Jesse Pinkman’s) becoming… you guessed it, stew, emphasis on the ew.

Now of course Elizabeth reaches out to Red, who’s “keeping up appearances” in Port Au Prince, and he reminds her that he’s not interested in men like Lorca but rather “the big game”. He directs Lizzie to push Lorca for the Stewmaker, a man who has made hundreds disappear.  They offer Lorca a deal, but he declines say that the Stewmaker is “much more dangerous than your agents”, and that he thinks he has better odds in a prison cell.

imagesThat night Liz is working on the Lorca case, and then turns to looking into the evidence related to the redacted ballistics report on her husband’s gun.  As she begins to search the date on the box, and the words Angel Station her husband walks in, and catches her.  He notices the date, and recalls out loud that it was when they took a trip to Boston together.

nup_158210_0004Lorca never makes it to his prison cell. He’s rescued from the feds during transport, and Elizabeth is kidnapped in the process.  Red tells the FBI that he can help find Elizabeth, and Ressler goes with him.  Red bargains his services for getting Lorca out of the country with a new ID to find out where they can find the Stewmaker, who has a frightened but determined Elizabeth.  60280290Elizabeth repeatedly tries to humanize herself with the Stewmaker, mentioning her name, and trying to reach him on a personal level, it only does so much good though, as he’s using her as his first actual kill, as all the others he made disappear were already dead.

the-blacklist-1x04-12The FBI and Red had split at this point, each taking different avenues to find the Stewmaker.  Red, by getting the tracking information for the Stewmaker’s dog, is able to trace it to the cabin where he was keeping The-Blacklist-season-1-episode-4Elizabeth.  There he wastes very little time in subduing the Stewmaker, who had drugged Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is coherent enough though, when Red tosses the Stewmaker into his own stew.


nonpremium_nocaptions_autv_promo_blklmo21a30s_lrg-195sut5The FBI arrives right after this happens, and Red offers no explanation for how he got there. Now last week I had criticized Elizabeth for flipping out when Red killed one of the bad guy’s IT guys, because it was him or them.  In this case however I completely understand why she breaks down emotionally with Ressler, and calls Red a monster.

seriable-00633-336x190Red had defended himself saying that he did what he did to save her life.  In all honesty though, he didn’t have to actually kill the Stewmaker, but I guess it’s irrelevant.  One thing Red does that’s interesting though, is he takes one of the Stewmaker’s “trophies”, a photo from an album full of all the people he made disappear over the years.  We don’t know who the picture is of, or why Red took it.  We simply see him looking at it near the end of the episode.

Evidence EndBack at home, Elizabeth is trying to let go of what’s just happened and her husband walks in with a brochure telling her that they should get out of town, and visit Boston again, just to get away from it all.  He hands her a brochure, with a photo of one of the hotels there. “Angel Station”. So it’s a confirmation that her husband was up to something on their trip to Boston.  We just don’t know what, or why, but I look forward to finding out.

Thanks for reading, and happy watching!

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