Blindspot Episode 2 Cutting to the Chase

635781953120777173-NUP-170134-0548Hi Readers,

While it’s no surprise that Blindspot is starting to go with a “Tattoo of the Week” format, what was surprising was how quickly episode two “A Stray Howl” it feels like the big picture is progressing in terms of who Jane Doe is and how Weller might fit in, even if we don’t have the why yet.

150925_2912156_Up_Next__Jane_Doe_s_Very_Close_CallFor the individual episode’s plot, I don’t have much to say. Sure, the explosions and tension caused by an AWOL drone pilot with an axe to grind was as exciting as the first episode, and it’s great if the show can keep the excitement consistent. However if “A Stray Howl” taught us anything it’s that corrupt officials, and threats to national security are going to be drops in a large mysterious bucket.

The bucket however, is starting to take the shape of a missing little girl, whose disappearance apparently resulted in Weller’s father going to prison.

BlindspotNow, I’m hoping that this is the case, despite the fact that it feels a bit like a soap opera. Why do I hope this is the case? For one, if Jane Doe isn’t the little girl from Weller’s past, then it will feel A LOT like a soap opera, and we’ll spend the whole series asking ourselves “Who is Jane Doe”.


beardSecond, it will help to show that even if we don’t get to spend a lot of time trying to solve it, viewers will have a mystery with answers.

Speaking of answers, because of Jane’s visitor in the form of the Creepy Beard Man at the end of last episode, imageshopefully Jane will be getting some too, and hopefully they’ll be less ambiguous than her murderous flashbacks.

Finally, if Jane’s an assassin, that’s awesome. indexHowever the biggest thing I’m wondering about is what’s SO big and important that it would mean that Jane couldn’t be an anonymous assassin ever again, given all her tat-clues. Clearly there’s some kind of long con being engineered, but we’re still waiting on the why, and two episodes in, I’m ok with that.

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