Why Blindspot needs to make sure that it doesn’t “Stay in the car”

Blindspot - Season 1Hi Readers,

As pondered last week, it’s beneficial that we know that Jane Doe is Taylor Shaw. However, it’s less beneficial that (even though by the end of the episode things looked promising) Weller’s every other line to Jane/Taylor was any and all variations of “Stay in the car”, when you’d think Jane literally climbing out of the wreckage of one would have rendered that line meaningless for multiple reasons.

jane-gets-a-visitor-blindspotAlso, this doesn’t really fall into the beneficial, or non-beneficial Creepy Beard Man is no more. Actually, I take that back, I’m putting it in the non-beneficial category. If he wasn’t needed to shed light on Taylor/Jane’s past, then he was either pointless to begin with, or his character should have lasted longer. His appearance and death in her safe-house only showed us two things that attentive viewers already knew.

One, that people like Taylor have awesome assassin skills (the breaking into the safe-house undetected). Two that the people they work for are keeping tabs on them and are dangerous to double-cross (his death).

151005_2916521_Is_Jane_Really_Taylor___and_What_Is_OperatioFinally the episode also showed us a confirmation of ponderings from episode one. That Mayfair is aware of how damaging the particular case file may be, and that at some point she’ll either have to switch sides, or be eliminated. My guess is that she’ll go the way of Creepy Beard Man, 1462567270907115042and the scary, government connected, unknown bad guys will take her out, considering at this point she’d have to not only take out Taylor as ordered, but our favorite tattoo-decoding team member, Patterson, since she brought the file up. Given Mayfair’s open reluctance to kill Taylor, I’m assuming that she probably won’t last the whole season.

Now, as already mentioned, by the end of the episodes escapades with former military members turned thieves, Taylor’s being given a firearm. Hopefully with the firearm she’ll get permission to run around, instead of being told to “stay in the car”.

Viewers will also hopefully start seeing how each mission/tattoo-of-the-week ties together, before they all become too cliche and routine. Only time (and the potential for drinking games) will tell.


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