Oh Hi Cashew… House of Cards, S2e3

HOC_S2e2_CashewHi Readers,
As you may know, I have refused to binge on what is easily one of the best shows. This has not been easy. While I watched the first episode as soon as it dropped, and got, what I assume was the biggest shock of the season, there of course over the past month been tweets and Facebook posts that made me feel slightly bummed that I’d chosen not to binge. Now I’m happy to report that I understand one topic that’s made zero sense to me until now… the hashtag #Cashew… now I get it… I think, so let’s get into this recap and review, while I ponder the significance of a guinea pig.

So, I’ll go in order of least to most interesting for me on this ep.

HOC_S2e2_WhipFirst, I’ve very little interest in Ms. Sharp, Francis’ HOC_S2e2_WhipTattooreplacement. I don’t pity her guilt, and while her tattoo’s cool, I struggle to see the relevance unless she get’s a flower for every person she betrays, in which case I can’t wait to see her covered in posies.

HOC_S2e2_PoliticsFor second… while I see how it contributes to the tension between Frank and Tusk, I have very little interest in the fictional political moves that are made, considering half the time they make me hate our real congress for either A) not being able to get things done as officially, or B) if they do I now assume it’s about underhandedness, rather than pleasing constituents. The best part about it though is definitely watching Frank win… no matter what he does we want to see him win.  Also, I’m starting to feel bad for the President being caught in the middle, but it feels worth it when Frank gets to tell Tusk “Jesus forgives you” when he learned that Tusk was trying to undermine him.

Speaking of Jesus, in regards to Rachel, this is slightly more interesting because of how it relates to other portions of the story. I feel bad for her. She’s lonely and seeking some friendship and a connection outside of her current circumstances. It’s no wonder she ended up going to a church. I just don’t think things will go well when Stamper finds out.

HOC_S2e2_StamperSecurityThreatAnd speaking of Stamper… his interest in the possible threat to Francis going on in the deep web leads to what is definitely the most interesting part of the episode of the story in general, Goodwin.

HOC_S2e2_InfoNow because of Stamper’s interest and desire to push Goodwin into committing a crime, to keep Francis safe, makes me very wary about Goodwin’s new connection who may possibly help him take down the Vice President. The optimist in me wants this guy to be legit… and by legit, I HOC_S2e2_Janinemean a criminal. The pessimist in me, who never saw Zoe’s death coming screams, don’t trust him, even if he does have an adorable guinea pig. It would be HOC_S2e2_GoodwinChristinagreat if Goodwin could get help from either Janine, who’s taking the safe route, or Christina who deserves to know the truth about Peter Russo, but since he can’t I don’t judge him for relying on the assistance of a stranger.

HOC_S2e2_FrankMatadorSo, of course this will all mean at some point, the downfall of Goodwin, or Frank. As much as I love Frank ruthlessly winning, I want to see Goodwin triumph. Frank’s a formidable foe though, and a lot of his strength does come from Claire, HOC_S2e2_NewHireso I still maintain that if he goes down, it’s because something is able to separate the two. And I think the new guy that Claire is hiring might contribute to that. I mean it’s not like Frank and Claire cannot tolerate an affair, after everything we saw last season, their trust has nothing to do with affection and everything to do with ambition. And to some degree, their HOC_S2e2_FancisandClairerelationship has a certain admirable quality about the loyalty it generates, but this season we’ve seen the sacrifices that Claire has had two make, and that was just in the first two episodes, so it may not take much for this egg to crack, regardless of how tough it seems.

So, what were your thoughts on the episode, do you love Cashew? And if so, why? No spoilers please, if you leave spoilers… well, Jesus forgives you.

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