Maze Runner Mondays Part 2, Getting Dark

faf59afa40f83f664d4aa3dae1e5d45cHi Readers/Watchers,


Here’s the second part of my of my vlog series, as I read through The Maze Runner for the first time! Let’s just say that things are getting intense, and dark, and in general. by the end of chapters 8-14, we still don’t have a ton of answers.

We do however get a ton of excitement!


Thanks for reading and leave comment or two if you’ve read the book, but no spoilers, please!

Maze Runner Mondays, Part 1 Welcome to the Glade

maze-runner-thomas-maze-1024x576Hi Readers,

When I started reading the book, I instantly wished that there were others reading along as well. One of the things that made LOST great hadn’t been just the mysteries, but that there were people collaborating, and theorizing over them, and The Maze Runner just begs for people to try and dissect it as they go.

So, without further ado, here’s my first Maze Runner Monday video. Continue reading “Maze Runner Mondays, Part 1 Welcome to the Glade” »

Starting Tomorrow Maze Runner Mondays!

The_Maze_Runner_coverHi Readers,

So with the TV blogging winding down a bit since Game of Thrones and Mad Men just had their (incredibly awesome) finales. I’ll be starting something that I plan on continuing for the next 10 weeks, with a break for San Diego Comic-Con. Maze Runner Mondays!

After attending WonderCon (still have a few drafts of posts on that I need to finish) I had to pick up a copy of the book The Maze Runner, by James Dashner, which was adapted into a film, coming out on September 19th.

Some things that made want to get the book, and then begin this short vlog series are first and foremost, during the Maze Runner panel, James Dashner mentioned that at the time he wrote the book he was a fan of LOST (still love that show). As a fan of mysteries in television and in text (and no not who-dunnits) I relished the thought of a book that in the same vein of LOST opened up a world of questions to be answered. So starting tomorrow will be Maze Runner Mondays, I hope you’ll tune in, and read along!