How Hateful Eight is a Horse of a Different Color

The-Hateful-EightHi Readers,

I intended this post to be done almost immediately after I saw the film on Christmas Day with my family (something I regret less than I feared I would, considering my mom is not a Tarantino fan), but when my in-laws visited I got busy contracting a bit of cabin fever, thankfully there was no blood shed off screen. Now this post is spoiler-free, with my spoilery post coming soon, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, feel free to read on.

When someone asked me on Facebook what I thought of the film I told them that I thought cinephiles would love it, but that the bulk of Tarantino fans would find it both long and lacking. And this is basically where I find myself.  Continue reading “How Hateful Eight is a Horse of a Different Color” »

Bringing Balance to The Force Awakens

tfa_poster_wide_header-1536x864-959818851016Hi Readers,

Almost two weeks after its release (a release I drove two hours to see in IMAX at 10:00 pm on a week night), I finally have the time and mindset to give what I hope is a review that will bring balance to the fans, because while several love the film like the Jedi love the light side, the dark side has some pretty strong (and at times valid) complaints. Beware though, reading leads to spoilers, which will in all likelihood lead to hate and suffering.

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What’s a Nerdgasm? Tom Lenk shares at Fan Fest

IMG_20151205_164043Hi Readers,

One of the best things, if not the best thing, about nerdy and pop culture conventions is that people of all fandoms can gather and even if we can’t agree on things like whether we’d rather travel in the TARDIS, Impala, Millenium Falcon or IMG_20151205_181035Enterprise we can all recognize each other’s inner geek. And we’ve all had at least one nerdgasm. Now a nerdgasm for me (Loki in Hall H) might not be one for you, but trust me when I say if we’ve been to a con or two we’ve all had one, and perhaps no one explains it best than Tom Lenk who not only helps define the term but stands as an example for nerds every where in his new documentary Nerdgasm, which he shared along with Q & A at Fan Fest.
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The Hobbit, Battle of the Five… Plot Lines

the-hobbit-the-battle-of-the-five-armies_imagesHi Readers,

So let me start by saying a couple things, first I mostly enjoyed the final installment of the Hobbit trilogy, which in my honest opinion should have been done a single film, perhaps two at the most. Second, with one small exception, in general I liked and found suitable for a giant film adaption, most of the changes that were made. So, with all of that out of the way, here are some of the things I didn’t love about The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Plotlines… I mean Armies.

Also warning, because SPOILERS Continue reading “The Hobbit, Battle of the Five… Plot Lines” »

TMNT…Seriously? Youtube did it better…

Shredder 2So like legions of other fans, I ignored the hype, ignored all the reviews, and ignored countless pleas from more intelligent friends and went and saw Ninja Turtles. I’m not really interested in doing a hatchet job on a franchise I’ve loved since I was little. shredder

I’ll also be honest and say that most fans love the cartoons (which are fine). I really didn’t, I was the old school dark broody ninja turtles fan.

Then definitely a fan of the broody but (understandably) less violent 2003 series.

So like many other fans, I was hoping beyond hope (although I understood it to be naïve) for a gripping thrilling dark, not too explosiony, but more subdued and fun intelligent turtles. The kind of turtles that made teenage me a fan, the kind of fan that producer Michael Bay said he wanted to make movies for. Alack alas, I got transformers instead. Continue reading “TMNT…Seriously? Youtube did it better…” »

Leaping Lizards! Godzilla Spoiler-free Review

maxresdefaultHi Readers,

So last weekend Godzilla stomped his way to nearly the biggest box office weekend stopping only two million short of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And honestly, in terms of the quality of the films, it seems to makes sense, since for this viewer at least, Godzilla has been the second best movie of the Summer. I guess technically Winter Soldier was still during the Spring, but yeah, I stand by my ranking, and I’ll explain without spoilers below. Continue reading “Leaping Lizards! Godzilla Spoiler-free Review” »

LOVED Robocop’s Reboot!

compareHi Readers and Viewers,
So, while my video response to seeing the Robocop Reboot is later than intended (and may or may feature sound effects from my dogs in the background), all of that aside however, here are my thoughts on Robocop, after having seen both the original and the reboot! Continue reading “LOVED Robocop’s Reboot!” »