Reasons why Phoenix Comic Fest will be better than Phoenix Comicon in 2018

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The great season of cons (which let’s face it is a year round thing now) will be kicking off for many at WonderCon this coming weekend. For yours truly however, I’m looking a little further into the future to what’s ahead at Phoenix Comic Fest.

Now I may have been a bit hesitant to jump on board with the new name, but I can definitely jump on board with some of the changes that we’ll see in 2018, so that we can have a better con…er… fest-sperience!

First, let’s start with the fact that Square Egg by their own admission (and based on interviews I’ve had with Director Matt Solberg) has never run a perfect convention. They always look at the ways that things can be improved. And every year it’s always “that one thing”. One year it had to do with the escalators, another year it was the photo op issues. While other cons which shall remain nameless but vaguely referred to as the Unyielding Sandy Behemoth, rarely acknowledge their issues (like lines, Cosplay is not Consent, and harassment). And even if said Unyielding Sandy Behemoth does acknowledge their issues, it finds ways to explain why they won’t change.

Phoenix Comic Fest is no stranger to change (just take a look at the new name in response to potential litigation). Not only have they implemented changes every year based on whatever the scuttlebutt has been, but also based on attendee feedback of the most recent show. Now last year is a tad of an anomaly given the attempted shooter and how that affected security, props and everything in between (including vendors). And it may have caused disgruntled attendees in more “that one things” than previous years, but the good news is Phoenix Comic Fest is working hard so that doesn’t happen again.

One thing that’s been common for a couple years (and definitely exacerbated last year) was security and lines. Based on the additional security staff (five times more), metal detectors and entrances (DOUBLE) I don’t think waiting in lines in the Phoenix Summer heat is going to be “that one thing”.

And back to the props, as explained in their adorkable video where they encourage folks to “Prop it like it’s hot” on their Facebook page, and on their Behind the Scenes they provide a list of all props that cosplayers will be able to bring, now that the Phoenix Convention Center is no longer restricting or banning props. So cosplayers, prop it up (yours truly is particularly excited by this development). So props will also not be “that one thing”.

Whatever “that one thing” is going to be in 2018, it’s not something that I’m worried about, Phoenix Comic Fest will handle it like they’ve always handled it, which means more and more people like yours truly, will get to enjoy the show.

Here are the things that Phoenix Comic Fest isn’t changing and will continue to have, great guests, awesome cosplay, fantastic panels, games and other nerdiness beyond measure!

And thinking back to the name change, if the core of the show is going to be the same, especially for a show that has worked to improve the experience of attendees year over year when other cons just care about the guest list, then I’ve stopped caring and I’ve started looking forward to May 24th-27th, when I’ll be at Phoenix Comic Fest.

Keen Halloween Goes But Fan Fest Stays

phxff_fanfest_logoHey Readers, while last week’s post was actually a guest article on Pat Sponagle’s site all about Cersei Lannister, this one gets back to the reality of conventions and what we can expect in the coming months from Square Egg Entertainment, the showrunners of Phoenix Comicon.

Now Phoenix Comicon is of course still happening over Memorial Day weekend, and we’ll have a post up shortly about all of the fantastic guests they’re hosting this year, but for now let’s get to the nitty gritty of Square Egg Entertainment’s other cons… or as it is now con. Continue reading “Keen Halloween Goes But Fan Fest Stays” »

Fun at Fan Fest 2016

Cosplay, panelists and competition!

As I look forward to 2017 (and a certain New Years Resolution to keep up more with my blogging), I spent some time looking back through some fun in 2016, Phoenix Fan Fest being a part of that!


Needless to say, the trendiest cosplays at Fan Fest were anything and everything related to Stranger Things.

This wasn’t that surprising considering David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown had a panel together, where everything from babies to drugs was discussed, with David Harbour saying that he’d love to play Indiana Jones some day, so long as he gets to pop anti-depressants before heading out to save the day.

And yes, he is as awesome in person.


Who else was awesome? Tim Rose (AKA Admiral Ackbar). He spent his entire panel telling us stories about all the creatures he’d built and brought to life (yes, his work on Labyrinth is DEFINITELY my favorite).img_20161023_132946


Jeff holds the trophy aloft!


We hold the trophy triumphant!


Finally, what other awesomeness did I engage in? PUGS of course, for an explanation see this post here. And for the first time since 2014 I WON! With a little help from my husband.

Fan Fest 2016 Guest Updates

joinus_bannerHey Readers,

With Fan Fest just over a week away I have good news and some not so good news, regarding guest announcements.

elizabeth_henstridge_bioLet’s start with the not so good. Unfortunately for Doctor Who, Broadchurch and Legends of Tomorrow fans Arthur Darvill had to cancel his appearance, “due to filming commitments”.

The good news though, especially for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans is that Elizabeth Henstridge will a guest at Fan Fest this year, having a joint panel with Brett Dalton on Saturday from 4:00-5:00 pm, with photo ops starting at 11:00 am on Saturday.

Are you planning on going to Fan Fest? Who are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments!

Fan Fest in the Fall

Fan Fest 2016Hi Readers,

Who would have figured that with a few weeks of summer left, and San Diego GeeklyPress_J_Squires_Phoenix_Comiconright around the corner that my thoughts would be pushing ahead to this Fall?

Well, now that tickets are on sale for Fan Fest, and the folks who run Phoenix Comicon have gone wibbly-wobbly and moved the convention both in time and in space, going from December to October, and from the stadium back to Downtown Phoenix, I had some questions for Jillian Squires, their Director of Marketing on the big change. Continue reading “Fan Fest in the Fall” »

Looking Forward to Phoenix Comicon 2016

2f5255ec-7a72-4379-bc36-898256468bfeHi Readers,

Just like last year (I think these interviews are becoming a thing), I spent some time speaking with Matt Solberg, the Convention Director of Phoenix Comicon. The conversation covered things from what Phoenix Comicon is doing to keep things affordable for attendees and families (who lets face it make the cutest group cosplays), to how they continue to help serve the nerdy community through their work with Kids Need to Read, including plans for a fundraiser this Spring. Continue reading “Looking Forward to Phoenix Comicon 2016” »

What’s a Nerdgasm? Tom Lenk shares at Fan Fest

IMG_20151205_164043Hi Readers,

One of the best things, if not the best thing, about nerdy and pop culture conventions is that people of all fandoms can gather and even if we can’t agree on things like whether we’d rather travel in the TARDIS, Impala, Millenium Falcon or IMG_20151205_181035Enterprise we can all recognize each other’s inner geek. And we’ve all had at least one nerdgasm. Now a nerdgasm for me (Loki in Hall H) might not be one for you, but trust me when I say if we’ve been to a con or two we’ve all had one, and perhaps no one explains it best than Tom Lenk who not only helps define the term but stands as an example for nerds every where in his new documentary Nerdgasm, which he shared along with Q & A at Fan Fest.
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