Cosplay at Wild Wild West Con 4!

BETH4233aHi Readers,

This past weekend we were at Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention, one of the most fun conventions you can attend, even if you’re not into steampunk.

Cosplayers and fans of the aesthetic come from all over to celebrate steampunk in some truly unique and ingenious ways. Here are some of the cosplay photos, taken by Beth Riley of GeekShot Photography to prove it!

Take for instance Gentleman Robot, an amazing example of what can be accomplished when passionate fans put their heads together! Continue reading “Cosplay at Wild Wild West Con 4!” »

Welcome to Wild Wild West Con 4!

Hi Readers,

Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 4 is well underway, and while it is one of the most well known steampunk events in the western United States, for those new to the genre, and in some cases lifestyle of steam, cogs, lace, corsets, leather and gadgets WWWC takes a bit of introduction, as well as some photos (taken by Beth Riley, of GeekShot Photography). Continue reading “Welcome to Wild Wild West Con 4!” »