No Flirting at Downton Abbey, Season 5, episode 3

58002Hi Readers,

For those have seen The Grand Budapest Hotel, you’ll understand my attitude about Cora and the art enthusiast immediately. For those that have not seen Grand Budapest Hotel, believe me when I say that you must, immediately at your earliest convenience, and even perhaps at an even earlier inconvenience. With that out of the way, let take a look at why there wasn’t, or shouldn’t have been, any flirting on Downton Abbey. Continue reading “No Flirting at Downton Abbey, Season 5, episode 3” »

No Secrets at Downton Abbey, Season 5, episode 2

dawirelessHi Readers,
Downton Abbey has always been about showing how the Crawley family deals with changes, and second episode of season five addressed that head on with the wireless scene, reminding viewers that “wireless” once meant something completely different, and the Dowager Countess probably wouldn’t be able to comprehend wifi any better than the radio. What came with the technical advances that took us from broadcasts to podcasts though, was the accessibility of information and so I thought it was an interesting parallel that so many characters this episode were wrapped up trying to keep secrets at a time when maybe that was possible, but not now, when the word “wireless” means that any information could potentially be at your fingertips. And while no one at Downton has any form of social media (could you image Rose on Instagram… it’d be tons of sefies) I doubt it will be long before anyone’s secrets aren’t all that secret. Continue reading “No Secrets at Downton Abbey, Season 5, episode 2” »

No Haters at Downton Abbey, Season 5 ep 1

downton-600x450Hi Readers,
So, across the pond, we’ve kicked off another season of Downton Abbey. And while abstaining from spoilers meant that I’ve lived in a fear akin to Baxter’s that something undesirable would be revealed, I’m happy to say that if for no other reason that helping the ratings of my local PBS station I was able to start the season off spoiler free, and I have to say I already love where things are going. Continue reading “No Haters at Downton Abbey, Season 5 ep 1” »

Dr. Who? (Add Emphasis on Last Word)

indexEver since I started my epic journey by watching all doctors from the sixties on, I’ve come to see Tennant as a bit more overrated (start your hate mail now. That’s why there’s comments) and I’ve embraced and really come to love the older grouchier doctor.

William Hartnell described the doctor as a bit like the wizard of oz or santa clause. I have to really say I enjoy the doctor in this light. The darker terser version where the clever “grey fox” (as companion Ian Chesterton, still the best companion, would call him) would wile his way out of danger.

These era of Dr. Who episodes made the daleks what they were. You see, the doctor never beat the Daleks…they just ran whenever the Daleks showed up. So imagine my joy when I learned that our beloved Steven Moffat was bringing the glory days back (not that a young doctor is bad, its just been the thing since Peter Davison and honestly I wanted an old grouchy doctor for a while). Except Moffat didn’t deliver, at least not nearly as well as I had hoped. Continue reading “Dr. Who? (Add Emphasis on Last Word)” »

The Best Man, Sherlock S3e2

sherlock-sign-of-threeHello Readers!
Last week we got a real treat. While BBC’s Sherlock has always been fabulous, combining the celebration of Sherlock’s genius with the cringe-induction of Sherlock’s (albeit oblivious) social skills, The Sign of the Three excelled in quite a cocktail of celebration, cringing and  mystery, mostly at John and Mary’s wedding! Continue reading “The Best Man, Sherlock S3e2” »

Comparing Capaldi’s Costume

peter-capaldi-doctor-who-outfit-456760Hi Readers,

Earlier this week the internet was treated to just what kind of Doctor Capaldi might be based on his costume. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, and more than that have already been said about this costume, we’re looking at how it stacks up to previous outfits. Continue reading “Comparing Capaldi’s Costume” »