Getting Back to Downton, but not drama in Season 5 ep 7

imagesHi Readers,

Between conventions in the wild wild west, planning for awesomeness at Phoenix Comicon with Con Man and just everyday life, Downton has fallen a bit off the radar. So before continuing on with finishing the current (and now past) series, here’s a quick recap, if for no reasons other than my own sanity. Continue reading “Getting Back to Downton, but not drama in Season 5 ep 7” »

How I Found Myself, While Getting LOST

Lost-lost-11771833-1920-1080Hi Readers,

While I may be behind on a few things, I wanted to take a moment for a (hopefully) short post, about how and why the show LOST contributed to me being me, and more importantly me being happy with me. (Note if you haven’t seen LOST please don’t read any further, because I think you should watch it, but as spoiler free as possible). Continue reading “How I Found Myself, While Getting LOST” »

Let’s Be Honest, True Detective, eps 7-8

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So if you followed my other posts on True Detective you’ll know that I began because of two reasons, the first of which was that I had been emphatically informed by two British strangers at Comic-Con that my life was incomplete, not just as a television fan, but as a person, having not seen the series, and the Emmys were approaching, and True Detective was getting some incredible awards buzz, rivaling other shows (ie Breaking Bad) that I found to be, for lack of a better or more technical phrase, really awesome.

So, after finishing the series was it good, was it worthy of the buzz, yes. Do I now feel whole as a TV viewer and human being, not so much, but with all the existentialism I ended up being exposed to, I certainly feel like I’m in a good place, so to speak. Continue reading “Let’s Be Honest, True Detective, eps 7-8” »

Believing Lies!True Detective eps 2&3

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If you’re aware, a couple days ago I FINALLY started watching True Detective. I’m binging so that I can be caught up by the Emmys on Monday. Last night, I watched episodes 2&3, and I have to say, so far my favorite thing about the show, on top of the great writing and acting is how much each of the main characters, Cohle and Hart lie to themselves. Continue reading “Believing Lies!True Detective eps 2&3” »

Game of Roles, Game of Thrones S4e10

zap-game-of-thrones-season-4-episode-10-the-ch-008Hi Readers,

It’s been a fortnight since the finale and originally I was going to name this post with some pun related to “How to Train Your Dragon” or a comment about farm boys because of Grenn, or something relating to Father’s Day because Tywin’s was less than optimal. That being said there wasn’t a particular scene that I thought was better done than others (well there’s one exception… sort of) and every actor (even in the scene I loved least) played their role so well, hence the title. So, let’s dive into the finale of season four! Continue reading “Game of Roles, Game of Thrones S4e10” »

Stop Talking, Mad Men S7e2

Screen-Shot-2014-04-21-at-11.04.48-AM-350x300Hi readers,

Since I was heading back from WonderCon Sunday night I didn’t watch Mad Men live, but Sunday’s episode was certainly more entertaining than last week’s for several reasons, and this post I’m breaking down episode 2 of the final season A Day’s Work by who did and who did not, know when to stop talking. Continue reading “Stop Talking, Mad Men S7e2” »

Spreading Helix

helix_2560x1450_1280x725_97420355776Hi Readers,

This post is a bit different. It involves a call to action. Any of you that follow this blog know that one of the shows we cover is Syfy’s Helix, through our weekly What the Helix Podcast.

The show is nine episodes into its first season, and is one of the best new shows out there. Despite the community that has developed on social media (especially twitter, where the show’s fabulous actors are very gracious with their time and tweets), we’ve yet to get any confirmation that Helix is spreading beyond season one.

RhysJamesHelixBannerPart of the surprise is that the contagion that is the Helix fanbase is spreading, with amazing artwork popping up by  artists like Rhys James (who you can follow on twitter @ElectricRhys),

topen letters to SyFy by bloggers, , who like myself, would much rather have a second season of Helix than Sharknado 2, there’s a desire to see this show go the distance.

While we’ve gotten statements from producer Steven Maeda that he’s

“cautiously optimistic on a Season 2 pickup”

as a fan I’m not so sure. Do I think it deserves a second season, definitely, but so did everyone who ever watched Firefly.

And Megwun Fairbrother who plays Daniel (aka Miksa) and his twin brother Tulok, has said in regards to the open letter:


So here’s what I’m asking, if you love #Helix do a few things:

PeterVectorAwakeFirst, watch it, as close to live as possible. Second share that you’re watching it, overuse hashtags (especially #HELIX) to get your point across, and third, behave like a vector,and share your love and enthusiasm for the show with everyone you come in contact with!!!

Think of how awesome a second season of this would be! Because trust me, it would definitely be awesome.

If you don’t believe just take a look at all the love for a second season coming from, and make sure to add #RenewHelix to the hashtag campaign to keep this show going!

Till then, Keep Calm and Carry On.

#HELIX #RenewHelix