Hold that Squee, Con Man at Phoenix Comicon But…

20150309181211-Con_Man_Poster-new.0Hey Readers,

While there are still more posts from Wild Wild West Con to come, we’re already looking forward to Phoenix Comicon, especially with news via twitter that the new web series Con Man, will be filming there, during the convention!

Now, if you’ve not heard the news, Con Man is a new series being put together with Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion, who star as men who were on a cancelled-too-soon scifi series, which became a cult hit, especially with convention attendees. If this makes you nostalgic for Firefly you’re not alone. But Alan Tudyk stated that this “is the quickest way to see [he and Fillion] back on a spaceship”, which is something we can all agree is what the universe needs.

And while the indigogo campaign for the project has already shattered records, you may still want to consider donating, for the two best reasons, Nathan Fillion, and Alan Tudyk

Now, where does Phoenix Comicon come in? Well the twitter account for Con Man, posted the following yesterday: Continue reading “Hold that Squee, Con Man at Phoenix Comicon But…” »

SDCC 2014, Supernatural Sunday!

Hi Readers,
One of my SDCC highlights was the Supernatural panel.

IMG_5229 It was fun, funny, and as season ten may be the show’s final, it was by far the one panel most worth sleeping in line for!
(I’m on the 10580074_10204346344120635_5363318730242745889_nleft- *enjoying*  2-3 hours of sleep camping under the tents)


Now, on to the panel itself, which I am pleased to say, did not disappoint, and repeat that it was worth the sleep deprivation and the wait! *Note spoilers about Season 9 below* Continue reading “SDCC 2014, Supernatural Sunday!” »

Spreading Helix

helix_2560x1450_1280x725_97420355776Hi Readers,

This post is a bit different. It involves a call to action. Any of you that follow this blog know that one of the shows we cover is Syfy’s Helix, through our weekly What the Helix Podcast.

The show is nine episodes into its first season, and is one of the best new shows out there. Despite the community that has developed on social media (especially twitter, where the show’s fabulous actors are very gracious with their time and tweets), we’ve yet to get any confirmation that Helix is spreading beyond season one.

RhysJamesHelixBannerPart of the surprise is that the contagion that is the Helix fanbase is spreading, with amazing artwork popping up by  artists like Rhys James (who you can follow on twitter @ElectricRhys),

topen letters to SyFy by bloggers, , who like myself, would much rather have a second season of Helix than Sharknado 2, there’s a desire to see this show go the distance.

While we’ve gotten statements from producer Steven Maeda that he’s

“cautiously optimistic on a Season 2 pickup”

as a fan I’m not so sure. Do I think it deserves a second season, definitely, but so did everyone who ever watched Firefly.

And Megwun Fairbrother who plays Daniel (aka Miksa) and his twin brother Tulok, has said in regards to the open letter:


So here’s what I’m asking, if you love #Helix do a few things:

PeterVectorAwakeFirst, watch it, as close to live as possible. Second share that you’re watching it, overuse hashtags (especially #HELIX) to get your point across, and third, behave like a vector,and share your love and enthusiasm for the show with everyone you come in contact with!!!

Think of how awesome a second season of this would be! Because trust me, it would definitely be awesome.

If you don’t believe just take a look at all the love for a second season coming from www.renewhelix.com, and make sure to add #RenewHelix to the hashtag campaign to keep this show going!

Till then, Keep Calm and Carry On.

#HELIX #RenewHelix

Why I’m refusing to binge on House of Cards

posterHello Readers,

It feels like forever since we spent any time with our favorite corrupt politician, Francis Underwood.

I mean sure, we could all rewatch season one of House of Cards, but binging comes at price. Last year when I watched House of Cards, I finished the whole series within a week. Now that’s certainly slow by some TV binge standards, and while I never forgot the key plays or players, watching this recap, it feels like so much was lost in the shuffle. Continue reading “Why I’m refusing to binge on House of Cards” »

Comparing Capaldi’s Costume

peter-capaldi-doctor-who-outfit-456760Hi Readers,

Earlier this week the internet was treated to just what kind of Doctor Capaldi might be based on his costume. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, and more than that have already been said about this costume, we’re looking at how it stacks up to previous outfits. Continue reading “Comparing Capaldi’s Costume” »

Sweet Dreams, Sleepy Hollow S1e3

Sweet Dreams:

So originally I was going to treat this blog as a place for recaps, but more and more, friends and other bloggers have encouraged me to take a more subjective approach to my blogs as most people that are coming across them will have likely seen the episode I’m reviewing, so in a step further in that direction, here’s my (late) review of last week’s Sleepy Hollow Continue reading “Sweet Dreams, Sleepy Hollow S1e3” »

Killing the Killing, and Calling Saul

Hi there readers,

So for those that pay attention to what goes on in TV Land, especially over at AMC, here’s a couple of updates about what to expect from them in terms of upcoming seasons.  There’s some good news, and some bad news.

Let’s start with the bad,US-remake-of-The-Killing-007Once again, as detailed in this article ‘The Killing Canceled by AMC (again) by Zap2it.com, AMC has decided ‘not to move forward with a fourth season of ‘The Killing.’ and that is was a ‘difficult decision’.

To me this is really disappointing news, especially considering I felt that the third season was quite the comeback for the show, and was much more engaging than the second season.  We got a closer look at who Linden was, saw how much Holder had matured, and then there was that amazing cliff hanger, which we’ll probably never get any resolution to (this is your cue to save the day Netflix)!

skeptical-baby-meme-1-516x340Now, I know what you’re thinking… haven’t we been here before… doesn’t this all feel a bit familiar, yeah we have and yeah it does.  AMC did the same thing last year after the poorly rated season 2.  But let’s look at what happened, a lot of fans didn’t watch season 2 because they had wanted answers in season 1.  We got our answers in season 3, and now we want more…. I just feel like I don’t get what AMC was looking for, during and after this 3rd season…

But on to the good news!

BetterCallSaul-Banner-New-560According to this TV Line article, Saul Goodman is officially getting his own spinoff! AMC is going to “bypass the traditional pilot process and go straight to series”.  So for any Breaking Bad fans out there, who are bound to want more after the series ends in just a few weeks, they’ll be able to get their fix with this prequel series centering on Saul Goodman, everyone’s favorite shady lawyer!

tumblr_m72bdmMwKi1qjlqxlNow we know two things about it, the first is that it’s a prequel, which means that Saul could still definitely die by the end of Breaking Bad (though I somehow expect he’ll know when to hide and/or weasel his way out), and second is that it’ll be a lighter more comedic show.  I’m not opposed to that, Saul Goodman has long offered comic relief on the dark drama, but AMC hasn’t really done tons of comedy, being a television leader when it comes to dramas.  Either way, I’m very excited about this news, and will look forward to watching the series.

What are your thoughts on AMC’s choices? Leave a comment below.