Choose to Believe Psych Season 8 Premiere

Hi There #Psych-O’s!

Psych - Season 8So last week was the premiere of Season 8 for Psych, one of my favorite shows that isn’t a drama (Sleepy Hollow is in the in-between category)! Anyway, all of the usual antics ensued, and as Psych is a Case-Of-The-Week, more so than a serial there aren’t always a lot of details to track (like Sleepy Hollow, Helix etc.). That being said there are definitely episodes that standout for being part of a running storyline, and the premiere really hit it off both in terms of reminding fans of all the awesomeness before, and awesomeness that can be expected for this season. So read no further unless you’ve watched the episode.


The premiere was set in the “exotic island nation” of Britain, and it opened things up for lots of pop culture references that couldn’t have been better placed. Shawn is requested there by INTERPOL (yes the ones on the DVD Warnings). Gus is hoping simply to release his inner Potter-head, attend Potter Con and drink his weight in butter beer. However, the devilishly dashing Desperaux (who works for INTERPOL?!?!?!) shows up though, and needs Shawn to cary-elwes-psych-season-8-premiereassist in infiltrating a ring of thieves, before they pull of a planned heist. Of course Shawn can’t do this on his own, and when the ring finds themselves a man short, he recruits “The Wiz” to assist. Things get a bit hairy in a few places (doesn’t every episode). But of course Shawn and Gus are able to get out of things all in one piece, thanks to Desperaux’s help.¬† Oh and by Depseraux, I mean Royston Cornwallace Staley (a ridiculously long name, to fit what in my opinion is a ridiculously long con, which I love). But apparently that’s imageshis real name, because he’s apparently been an INTERPOL agent undercover all along, and that’s why they requested Shawn. Shawn and Gus try and confirm this information by calling Lassie in the states, and first are told that¬†Royston Cornwallace Staley doesn’t exist, only to find out that he does, and must have (to be under cover) had his information wiped from databases.

psych-london.png w=625Regarding Desperaux, by the end of the episode, things are ambiguous as to whether or not he legitimately worked for INTERPOL or if this was yet another con. The show was satisfied to leave it up to viewers to choose to believe one way or the other. As for me, I choose to believe he successfully pulled the wool over our eyes yet again. He’s too much fun as an outstanding cat burglar and con man. It’s something about his character that works so well, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Also by the episode’s end it’s pretty clear that Shawn never learned anything about England, but we love him that way.

What do you think about Despereaux… Err Royston? Either way, I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode, and hopefully to seeing him again!

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