So How Close is SDCC Pre-Reg?

ProReg Mag2Hi Readers,

It looks like we’re one step closer to Pre-Reg for SDCC, with the registration for professionals taking place on January 29th! So what does this mean for Pre-Reg? In the opinion of this blogger, it depends.

According to a member of the Unofficial San Diego Comic-Con Blog, and con attendee for what will be their 20th year, professional badges are more like attendee badges, than press. Meaning, that unlike press badges where Comic-Con International gets all the applications and then only distributes a certain number of badges for members of the press (leaving the unapproved to battle it out with the others in pre-reg, or regular registration), for professionals they grant more hopefuls the status than the number of badges that they have to distribute. This boils down to more professionals than pro badges.

Therefore, while I certainly agree with the SDCC Blog Speculation that Pre-Reg is likely to take place on Saturday the 1st, this would be dependent on a very important factor, whether or not pro-reg goes smoothly. It’s the perfect target group with the issue of more people than badges, and a great test to see how well their new badge system works before proceeding to open the flood gates that are Pre-Reg.

Again, I think the SDCC Blog’s logic is sound, but if Pro-Reg isn’t an easy process, or if it looks like there are bugs to fix, Pre-Reg may not happen as soon as they’re assuming.

Finally, while CCI’s New One Day Only Badge Policy may be done to allow as many new attendees as possible I’m going to throw out one other possibility about the potential date for Pre-Reg. While a Saturday is certainly traditional and considerate of potential attendees who may not be able to explain to their non-nerd boss “But I need all morning off to repeatedly refresh my screen to wait in a digital line for badges to an awesome convention, where I wait in tons of lines!”, what also may be considerate is weeding out people who only have a casual care for comic-con, in terms to other things that they go all fan-boy for.

What if CCI sees that things go well next Wednesday, and announce on Thursday or Friday (because they’ve said that they’d give 48 hours), that Pre-Reg is Sunday, the 2nd. If you’re like me you may have to look up what Sunday the 2nd is… Super Bowl Sunday. Now I’m not trying to make this out to be Jocks vs. Geeks, but a fan divided cannot stand, and if some people care more about a football game than SDCC, then all the more room in the digital line for the rest of us, whose entire calendars and requests for vacation time revolve around those four magical days a year.

What are your thoughts on what Pro-Reg could mean for Pre-Reg? Leave us a comment or send us a tweet!

4 thoughts on “So How Close is SDCC Pre-Reg?

  1. Interesting post. Thanks for the potential head up. I am wondering when we’ll hear back regarding press passes which is what I applied for. I think professional deadline ended sooner than press, but since it’s been so long I don’t know if that means they’ll deal with Pro Reg before press since they seem to handle it differently. I would assume they’d have to get press out of the way before regular pre-reg or reg?

    • They might get press out of the way first, but it really all depends on the percentages of badges for each type of individual attending the con. Press applications closed on December 13th, and there was a 4-6 week window in which CCI said they would email applicants if they were approved or not. So far there have been no press confirmations. Today would mark week 6, so those should be reaching applicants soon.

      • Thanks. Yeah I applied for mine the very first day they started accepting them back in October so I’ve been waiting quite a bit longer than 6 weeks. Actually at the 6 week mark I emailed them when I hadn’t heard anything and then it took TWO weeks just to get a response that they even received it okay. The least they could have done was just said to not expect anything until AFTER the deadline.

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