Cos-Project Number One: The Fourth Doctor’s Scarf

1558580_385241191610746_458640388_nHi there readers,

So yesterday we asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter to see if they could guess the Geekly Press’ first cosplay project, (or Cos-Project). Though it’s technically the second that this blogger has done (to see the first click here for past cosplaying).

Anyway, people were quick to guess that it was indeed the Fourth Doctor’s Scarf from Doctor Who.

We’ll be chronicling it’s progress, but here’s the research we did, so that we *hopefully* get it right!

The first step was taking a close look at the scarf, and below is a slideshow of it.

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_tom_baker__4th_doctor_who_scarf_bbc_instructions_by_93fangshadow-d4qrp44If you’ll notice two of the pictures were essentially repeats, but both were included because they showcase the difference that light can have on the scarf, so down the road it presented a bit of a pickle. Online is a pattern that I found on several sites for the scarf, and if you read the colors, one of them tom_bakeris “grey”. Looking at some of the pictures though, like this one, the “grey” almost looks blue, like this one here:

So that meant some more digging, the website is entirely dedicated to the scarf, as well as information on the colors.  Specifically on their page for the original scarf (as there was more than one version) they have several pictures and color recommendations.  Armed with that information I went to my local craft store and bought 7 different colors of yarn (top picture, see bottom of post for list of brand/color details).  However, when I got home and compared the colors, the grey just didn’t look right especially with the others, especially compared to the scarf, which looks very different in photos compared to stills (which would have been in the 60’s).

Let’s evaluate the shades of grey (no not the book), because I’m not about to knit an 830 row scarf and not have as close to the real deal as possible.  There was just no blue in shade of grey, and even if the scarf pattern itself says “grey”, there’s definitely a blue tint to it. With the grey I purchased (“I Love This Yarn”: Graphite) if nothing else it may have some degrees of brown or even purple depending on the light, so it was back to the craft store to take a closer look at some colors. Below are some comparisons I made at the store of the grey I had purchased and one of the same brand’s blue colors (Dark Denim).

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As you can see, in the store, outside, or in my dining room, the colors can look very different. So I decided to go for the blue, and will begin production tonight. The scarf is 60 stitches wide, so my goal is to get through the first two sections, purple, and camel, for 60 stitches total. I’ll be posting updates periodically, as well as dropping hints as to what the scarf project is part of (nope not just a costume for the 4th Doctor, there’s more to it!). Below is a chart showing what yarn color I selected for each color on the BBC pattern, a few were direct recommendations from and some (like the blue) are where I made a judgement call.


Here are small swatches of each color I decided to go with (remember this is indoors, with flash, and the colors vary based on lighting).


Now, a couple final things to consider, first, I’m not brand loyal at all, but I decided to keep it all the same brand of yarn, because different brands can have very different textures, and “I Love This Yarn” in acrylic (there was a wider selection of this than wool) had 3 direct recommendations that were available in my store, which meant less guessing. Second, remember the scarf is 60 stitches wide, meaning you want knitting needles as long as possible, mine are 14″ long, and it’s barely enough.

As I mentioned I’ll be posting updates periodically. Thanks for reading, and happy cosplaying!

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