Cos-Project Update 1, The Fourth Doctor’s Scarf

imagesHi Readers,

For those already aware, at the beginning of the month, I began a simple, yet ambitious cos-project. knitting the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. In the past 28 days I’ve managed to finish 192 rows or 2 feet. This may seem impressive, considering the scarf is 60 stitches or 13 inches across. Unfortunately since I set a deadline for finishing this scarf by April 1st, well it means that I’m going to have to step things up quite a bit to get the next 852 to rows completed to reach the 1044 total. I’ve learned some things along the way already, which should make the next 8 weeks a bit easier in completing the project.

One of the first things that ate up a couple days of this project, which should have been a very simple thing, is to slip the first stick of each row. While I’ve always been familiar with the garter stitch, the only stitch I know (thank goodness that’s the stitch of this scarf), I had never slipped the first stitch, and went to YouTube, to figure out how. Now I’ll be honest, I got really frustrated because I watched the videos, and those darn chicks doing them (sorry if that sounds sexist, all the videos I watched had girls narrating) would explain things, but then do them so quickly I kind of had to figure it out on my own. Once I got the slip/stitch figured out, a lot of the rest was pretty much smooth sailing.

Also, you’ll see in the pictures of my progress, that I began with several stitch markers, because I was paranoid about adding or subtracting a stitch. But all has gone well, and now I have just the one, just in case. Below the progress shots are some color comparisons, in different lighting.

To compare the colors, All of these shots were taken inside, some in the morning, some at night, and some with or without flash. The brighter ones are the ones with flash. My only concern with the colors (especially with flash) is just how vibrant they are, compared to the scarf in the show. Though you do have to consider, the picture quality back then, and when I wash the scarf for the first time, it likely won’t be as bright. Also, while I’m still second guessing the color choice I made for the grey, I again recognize what lighting and camera will affect.

Regarding the length, after taking another close look at all of the information offered by, I realized that the BBC Instructions I was following, must have taken place after season 13. Since I wanted this scarf to be as close to the original as possible, I’ll be following the PDF of instructions from Doctor Who Scarf.

Finally, I learned one other important thing, any color that takes more than 10 rows instantly, and temporarily becomes my least favorite color.

I’ll post more updates as the scarf progresses.

2 thoughts on “Cos-Project Update 1, The Fourth Doctor’s Scarf

  1. What an ambitious project. It looks great. I also knit using mainly the garter stitch but have never learned how to change color. Looking forward to,watching your progress.

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