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Hi Readers,

While there are a few more posts to come about Tucson Comic-Con, and the overall experience (which was even better than last year, in more ways than one), feast your eyes on some of the fabulous cosplayers who spent their weekend all dressed up and ready to enjoy the con!

While there were some traditional costumes around the convention…


There were also a few great spins on traditional characters. For example, no con would be complete without some Jedi and Siths, but it was refreshing to see “Juan Solo” and a Zombie Storm Trooper!

And Doctor Who is always a staple at nerdy events, but it was great to see a more unique Tardis (love the lamp-stand touch), and the rolling talking Daleks were a blast!

A lot of cosplayers this year had fun either in pairs, or showing off different aspects/storylines of their favorite characters:

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Like any convention there were a few cosplayers that stood out, either because of accessories, or attention to detail:

The best cosplay though was definitely an individual who came as Ghost Rider, his smoking skull was amazing!

Were you at Tucson Comic-Con, and did you enjoy the cosplay? Let us know in the comments!

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