Cosplay at Wild Wild West Con 4!

BETH4233aHi Readers,

This past weekend we were at Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention, one of the most fun conventions you can attend, even if you’re not into steampunk.

Cosplayers and fans of the aesthetic come from all over to celebrate steampunk in some truly unique and ingenious ways. Here are some of the cosplay photos, taken by Beth Riley of GeekShot Photography to prove it!

Take for instance Gentleman Robot, an amazing example of what can be accomplished when passionate fans put their heads together!

Most steampunk cosplay is distinctive by it’s Victorian themed style.

However, there are a lot of ways to get creative. While some cosplayers like the lovely ladies of Steam Girl are a part of professional groups,:

Other cosplayers are eager to show off what they can do on their own.:BETH4355a

Mashups were of course a big hit, as nearly anything can be modified to be considered of steampunk style:

BETH4369aFinally, it seems that no convention these days is complete without at least one kilt, and Wild Wild West Con was no exception. Here was our favorite as the military slant stood out amongst all the rangers, cowboys and time travel styles at Old Tucson Studios over the weekend.

Were you at Wild Wild West Con 2015, and did you have a favorite cosplay? Let us know in the comments!

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