Creating our demons Iron Man 3 (WARNING SPOILERS)


So, once again it’s been a while, so forgive me if I’m rusty as I thrust myself into blogging about a movie that, for all which makes sense in the nerdverse will have geeks and fanboys cheering.

For my blogging to have some context, I’m going to back things up to where this all started for me, no not Bern, 1999, but San Diego 2012. Comic-Con, the nerd equivalent of whatever fancy brainy party Tony Stark was at, in the beginning of the film. What do both of these events have in common, other than Robert Downey Jr.? Well let’s recap and compare shall we. In Iron Man 3, Stark unfortunately dismissed Iron Man’s equivalent of Edward Nigma (further evaluation on this shortly), at Comic-Con, Marvel laid the foundation for what was a clever, superior, and all together disappointing bait-and-switch; I really wanted the bait. And thus we have our demons. If I could make this blog a “box of cats” (cookies for whomever gets that reference) see the progression of my mood during the reveal that the Mandarin, the hoped for truly vile villain, was nothing but smoke and mirrors:




Now I know several fanboys who’ll say “that was AWESOME”…. Was it clever, was it well executed yeah, but it was also, as stark said himself “No politics, just good old fashioned revenge”, and because politically driven motives would have been a form of revenge itself, I absolutely loved who I thought the Mandarin was. A pure villain, I found it to be quite the let down. I mean, look how wicked he appeared:


Instead what we got was a scorned scientist, and the Mandarin was Iron Man’s “Bane”. I also know at this point, that there are those who will say that it was my own fault for having the high expectations that I did, but I really wanted something evil, the closest we’ve gotten to that in the Marvel-verse was Red Skull, in Captain America. The only other main villain we’ve seen is Loki, who is certainly my favorite sociopath, but only because of daddy issues, not outright wickedness. I mean look how docile he is now:

I expect the band title to be something like "The Bilgesnipe"

I expect the band title to be something like “The Bilgesnipe”

That being said, Thor 2 seems to hold a lot of promise, both in the Loki and cruel villain departments (I feel like I could do a blog on just the trailer)…

Where was I, oh yeah, Iron Man 3, so, the movie wasn’t ruined, and for most parts, had my mother called I’d have certainly said “I’ve got to go, something magical is happening”. I thought the film did a great job with tackling the issue of who Tony is now, and as Captain America said in Avengers that Stark’s “Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off. What are you?”, is he, just as Stark fired back a “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist”?


Those are great things, but unless he applies the genius part, which often gets lost in the shuffle of who Stark is…then he’s not a hero, and he’s not capable of tackling a villain. So he had to set aside he anxieties post-New York, and realize that he’s still the man that made it out of a cave in Afghanistan. I liked the balance between the physical “demon” in Aldrich, and Stark’s demons as he struggled to find his way. There were rumors of his alcoholism making an impact, but those plot lines may have made their way to Ant Man by now. Also in case you haven’t noticed…my demon was my expectations, but this blog has helped exorcise it!

The dialogue was fantastic, and the plot made sense with no initially noticeable holes. The action in this movie never disappointed for a minute, and though I’m grateful for no unnecessary nudity, the only other distraction was wondering if Pepper Pots shops for flame retardant clothes at the same place Wolverine does.



Anyway, thanks for reading, I definitely recommend seeing Iron Man 3, though I hope you have already, lest you be spoiled!

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