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Constantine-Episode1Hi Readers,

A little over a week ago the premiere episode of Constantine aired, and by the end of it, while I didn’t feel an immediate emotional attachment, or much of a wow factor, I did find myself relatively intrigued by where I thought the series might go, especially as one who’s not read the comics. (SPOILERS below)

Constantine-Season-1-Episode-2The episode starts with John Constantine, a very cynical, self  deprecating man in all the best ways (he’s even dismal about how he tried too hard to make himself look good via his business cards) in a mental hospital because of things he’d like to forget. 1280x720-O7r


By the end of the episode we learn that at least one of these things was the fact that he lost a girl, Astra to a demon. Apparently he lost her because he tried summoning a stronger demon to get rid of the demon attacking Astra.

Lucy Griffiths as Liv Aberdine with Matt Ryan as John Constantine in NBC Constantine Season 1 Pilot Episode Non Est AsylumIt was not an awesome plan to be honest, so I can see why it torments him a bit. What I couldn’t really see though is why Liv, the main female character in the story became relevant though. I get that Constantine’s job is to save people from demons, therefore he must need a person to save, and I have no problem Constantine - Season Pilotwith the fact that Liv could see the dead or happened to be the daughter of someone that had worked with Constantine in the past. My only issue is I don’t understand any reason that any demons would deliberately alert Constantine to their efforts to eliminate her. Feels like a not awesome plan by the demons.

constantine_tv-series_horror_effectsWhat is awesome about the demons though is the scare factor. It’s one of the things that makes the show incredibly watchable for me. Because while I have no problem with with gore (after all I’m crazy about The Walking Dead), but it’s the suspense that gets me completely wrapped up in a scene, and the showrunners behind Constantine know how to make things tense in all the right ways.

Constantine - Season PilotWhere the demons fit in terms of plot will probably end up explained as we learn more about the angels in the series, which I’m alright with. At this point despite the fact that the only angel we’ve seen seems to have very little personality (something that a lot of television angels seem to have in common) I’m much more intrigued by what the angels are involved in and why, since it seems that on their side of things we get much less information to go on. Whereas with the demons it’s to scare and kill people, without (at this point) too much of a master plan. But with the angels, we’re left like Constantine, asking “What’s on the way?”. Which means we’ve already (hopefully) have a nice long story arc to enjoy.

Chas_Cab_Driver_Electrocuted_Constantine_s1e1_GeeklyPressDuring that story arc we will also hopefully get to enjoy learning more about some of the supporting characters. And while it’s a no brainer that people who are new to all this want some information on how Constantine’s cabby Chas can be indexelectrocuted by a possessed power line in one scene and then be walking around like it’s no big deal in the next, I’m going to be honest and say I’m actually far more interested in Jeremy Davies’ character. Though, like Harold Perrineau, 108% of my interest in their characters is because I was addicted to LOST.

Now my interest in supporting characters will only keep me hooked for so long, but hopefully (there’s that word again), the plot will keep rolling, and we’ll start getting answers.

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