Daredevil, “I say we go with it” Review of Season #1.1

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With so many awesome shows either starting or renewing in April it may be hard to keep up with them all, and I even find myself saying “Self, why would you start a new TV show, when the only one you’re caught up on is Mad Men … because it just started” for which the only reply was Foggy’s cute line “She gave a vague shrug, I say we go with it”. And thus begins my blind beginnings with Daredevil, not because he’s blind, but because I’m not going to read the source material first, and I’m not going to watch at a break-neck pace (meaning it’s my own responsibility to try and avoid spoilers). So, here’s my review of the first episode, and while I’ll keep watching!

newclientThe first reason is the characters. Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson are fun to watch, driven by the great bromance chemistry of Charlie Cox and Elden Henson. And because I knew nothing about the comics (and I’m pretty much still just trying to forget the 2003 movie) it was a nice surprise for Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page to stick around as their office manager.  Finally I don’t know how many flashbacks we’ll get with Skylar Gaertner, but I thought his portrayal as Matt Murdock as a child was great, especially in some of the grittier moments.

Speaking of gritter moments… The second reason is the plot and its realism. Yes, I get that this is a story from a comic book, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be logical or realistic. And sometimes realistic means violent, and dark without overkill. The fight sequences were realistic and fun to watch without ever being over the top. My only complaint is if after a night of taking a fall in the ring Matt’s dad needed stitches, means that Matt should have had some wounds of his own after his fight getting the flash drive of pension data.

11958118The third reason is simply the studios MARVEL, and Netflix. Now I’m really not that big of a brand girl, but I am a studio girl (AMC for example always has me considering more than the first 3 episodes of a new show), and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been well executed, so even if there are only tiny references, rather than actual crossovers, the fact that this is building to the Defenders, the same ways that the Avengers was built on the silver screen already means I’m willing to be in for the long haul. And while Hemlock Grove was hit and miss, I’ve yet to watch a Netflix show I didn’t like.


So, did you see the first episode? Have any thoughts? leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Daredevil, “I say we go with it” Review of Season #1.1

  1. Hey, it’s great that you’re going to be reviewing Daredevil at a casual pace, and that you’re new to much of the Daredevil lore. I’m looking forward to reading your reviews.

    You’re right that the boy playing young Matt Murdock is solid, I agree 100%.

    Nice call on the Matt/Foggy chemistry. SCIENCE!

    The fights are very fun to watch. They’ve gone to great lengths not to have quick cuts and tight in angles where the action is only implied, we get a lot of good looks at the weft and weave of the punches and blocks, making a quilt of pain.

    The knife switch during the fight with the killer outside Karen’s apartment was particularly nice to see.

    Charlie Cox is really great, and convincingly American.

    I liked the references to the destruction New York suffered during the Avengers. Nice subtle way to attach it into the MCU.

    • Hi Pat!

      How I’ve missed your comments! I LOVE that you referenced that knife switch, it called to mind one of the moments in Winter Soldier when Bucky did the same thing, and in Daredevil it resulted in the same “OH SNAP!” reaction. I’ve watched the second episode now, but because of time probably won’t do another review until it’s a recap of a few eps, because when I do a review and try to stay spoiler free it means taking the time to get screenshots, OR heading to google, which is less safe spoiler wise, but fantastic time wise!

      I will say this, in the second episode when I was lesson concerned with characters, I noticed and really fell in love with the aesthetic. The green lighting, filter, [insert technical term here], or whatever they’re using for the darker shots (like when Daredevil fought all those guys in the hallway to rescue the kid) is fantastic at helping to set the gritty mood and make things dark without making them so literally dark that you can’t see details, and I think that red would have just been too on the nose. So it’s little artistic choices like that which will keep me watching even if they run out of plot or character development… which I’m happily not worried about.

      So were you already a Daredevil fan, before the show?

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