Six Degrees of Sleepy Hollow, S1e9

Sleepy_Hollow_s01e09_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_0068So readers,

Sorry that this is coming so late but I’m determined to get this blog down before watching tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, so let’s get into the recap/review!


Here’s probably the biggest takeaway from last week’s ep, Ichabod’s a dad! Or was a dad, because 200+ years ago Katrina had a son that he never knew about.  Unless we find out other information Katrina must have been pregnant before Ichabod’s death. Also, Katrina and Ichabod’s son was delivered by an ancestor of Abbie’s bringing the notion of destiny back into the picture.

Sleepy_Hollow_s01e09_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_1105Other things that were significant in this past week’s episode was a closer look at Captain Irving, and his family life, or current lack thereof. I thought it brought a nice realistic touch seeing that side of things for him, and while I liked his daughter, am I super selfish that I hope things stay on the supernatural side, and non-necessary family members are left on the sidelines? Maybe so, but those are my thoughts. I will add though, I feel a bit bad for Irving, Sleepy_Hollow_s01e09_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_0837I mean everything was starting to go well with having him on board, but how do you tell your wife (who you’re close to starting a custody battle with) that you only have so much time to spend because you’re helping save not only your small town, but the whole world from the apocalypse.

Sleepy_Hollow_s01e09_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_1643Back to the whole family thing, once Ichabod knew that he was a father, and that the same monster that was terrorizing himself, Abbie and his descendant was the same that had threatened the life of his wife and newborn was certainly Sleepy_Hollow_s01e09_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_1687something to behold. I mean we knew that he was pretty badass during the Revolutionary War, but seeing him hacking away at a tree monster with an axe was kind of intense. I don’t think we’ve seen him get this bloody before, and he’s so mild mannered, it’s not what you expect.

Sleepy_Hollow_s01e09_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_1453Regarding that monster by the way, there was one little tidbit I considered during the episode was the fact that for it be able to do what it did, infiltrating a place that was supposed to be safe and protected by growing within it.  It made me again wonder about how many people are safe to trust for Ichabod and Abbie.  Granted they’re not bringing a lot of people into the fold, but we’ve been told before with the Hessians that those working for Moloch could be anyone, and this was a reminder to worry about infiltration.

Sleepy_Hollow_s01e09_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_1859Back to Ichabod and Abbie, as mentioned we’ve been repeatedly reminded that they’re meant to fight evil together, so it means that for tonight’s episode I’m not really concerned for Ichabod’s safety as he goes to talk with Katrina about the son he never knew about.

I am excited to see John Noble again though! And with that I’m off to watch tonight’s episode!

Thanks for reading and happy watching.


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