Distractions Justified S5e2

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As we saw last week things in Detroit and Florida seemed pretty wrapped, up but those issues are creeping into Harlan County for our main characters, along with a few distractions that will complicate things over the season.

images2For Raylan, things star out great, as he gets to spend a bit of time in a mansion (hot tub and bowling alley included) that was seized by the Marshall service. Art’s fine with it, so long as he’s not responsible for anything that goes wrong there. However, all will not stay great. His current distractions could technically all be tied up into one. Loretta. Remember that adorable girl from a couple of seasons ago. She’s much less adorable now that she’s calling on Raylan to help bail her out of jail, which he doesn’t, (tough love FOR THE WIN… sort of), but he ends up having to save her butt anyway, when it turns out that she was in way too deep with pot dealers from Memphis. In fact she’s so un-adorable at this point that the reason she was even in too deep wasn’t so much for the pot, but that she tried to short “Hot-Rod” an old time dealer that knew Raylan’s father, and was willing to let her boyfriend pay for it (likely with his life), when she moved the drugs they’d hidden without his knowledge.

424544fd368f46a8c6cb1f90819ed506Now as an extension of Loretta is her social worker. She’s unsurprisingly drawn to Raylan immediately. However based on the previews for the next episode it looks like she’s going to be at least as much of a handful as Loretta was.

For Boyd it’d be nice if his only problems were his hold up getting the drugs to his dealers from Canada (an aspect of the business that Wynn Duffy seems somewhat unable to handle). On the other hand, working on getting Ava out of jail might have been his only major obstacle this season, but it’s getting worse. Unfortunately, his previous actions murdering Lee Paxton, when he wouldn’t help get to the judge that has Ava’s case has put him in hot water with the almost widow (Paxton’s still unconscious in the hospital)  from Latvia, who wants 300,000.00 to return home.

Now to be completely honest I feel a bit bad for the woman. I wouldn’t want to be married to Lee Paxton either, and with the pre-nup she signed that required at least 10 years of marriage, I’d be looking for a sneaky way out of Harlan as well. Now however she really put herself between a rock and a hard place, thinking that the best way to show Boyd that she was holding all the cards was to initially tell Sheriff Mooney that Boyd was the attacker, only to humiliate him at Boyd’s bar, taking back her accusation. If I were Sheriff Mooney, I’d also be a tad irritable, so I don’t blame him for pulling her over, and expressing his irritation.


And for poor Dewey Crowe, who really just wanted to get away from trouble (even if it was through running a whore house) who knows what kind of shenanigans his kin have in store for him. I’m sure they’ll try and find lots of ways to spend his new money, that Boyd is of course trying to get his hands on, for his and Ava’s sake.


Finally, the episode ended with Boyd going to pick up the drugs he’d been waiting for, only to see the drugs gone, and dead bodies present. He tells his guys to “clean it up
and we’re left wondering just who pulled the trigger.

I don’t think it’s Dewey’s cousin, who’s too new to know enough to start any trouble, however one of Boyd’s dealers is friendly with one of the whores from Audrey’s, and he did mention that they were getting a shipment that night. It may be, that if Sheriff Mooney had caught wind of what was going on and thought that this was better than an arrest, or Duffy may not be happy enough with how Boyd’s running things, but I think he’s learned to survive by laying low, not taking action.

Regardless of who and why, it’s clear that there’s going to be a lot to handle in Harlan for a while. Looking forward to episode three!

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