Getting Back to Downton, but not drama in Season 5 ep 7

imagesHi Readers,

Between conventions in the wild wild west, planning for awesomeness at Phoenix Comicon with Con Man and just everyday life, Downton has fallen a bit off the radar. So before continuing on with finishing the current (and now past) series, here’s a quick recap, if for no reasons other than my own sanity.

Interestingly enough, the episode was relatively drama free, with resolution on a few fronts. Now that the ladies of the household (except for Mary) are all aware of Edith’s issues with Marigold, it seems like those issues will cease to exist, so long as Robert never finds out. When it comes to Mary she’s got Tony Gillingham mostly gone, thanks to Mr. Blake being so erm… charming a quick on his lips.. did I type lips, I meant feet. When it comes to Rose, the worst she’s got to worry about is the fact that Atticus is Jewish, something it seems only his parents and her grandmother care about. Finally, considering the Dowager Countess has enough to worry about with an old flame, I don’t think she’ll cause much of a stir about it.

That’s all I’ve got, I’m sure I’ve forgotten plenty, but on to the next episode, and considering how little drama there was in ep 7, I’m assuming it’ll be picking back up for the finale and Christmas special ahead.

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