Dr. Who? (Add Emphasis on Last Word)

indexEver since I started my epic journey by watching all doctors from the sixties on, I’ve come to see Tennant as a bit more overrated (start your hate mail now. That’s why there’s comments) and I’ve embraced and really come to love the older grouchier doctor.

William Hartnell described the doctor as a bit like the wizard of oz or santa clause. I have to really say I enjoy the doctor in this light. The darker terser version where the clever “grey fox” (as companion Ian Chesterton, still the best companion, would call him) would wile his way out of danger.

These era of Dr. Who episodes made the daleks what they were. You see, the doctor never beat the Daleks…they just ran whenever the Daleks showed up. So imagine my joy when I learned that our beloved Steven Moffat was bringing the glory days back (not that a young doctor is bad, its just been the thing since Peter Davison and honestly I wanted an old grouchy doctor for a while). Except Moffat didn’t deliver, at least not nearly as well as I had hoped.

paternostergangWe open our episode with the stupid Victorian three (yeah I know they have a name like Pennyquarter or some stupid crap, but really its not worth the two minutes to google right now). We end up staying with them for most of this episode. The only remotely likeable one is Strax who, since Drax the destroyer, is a bit tired as a gag.

draxHaters who want to be mad about me bashing Jenny and gecko face need to keep one thing in mind. They have no character development other than “notice how lesbian we are.” Is it too much to ask for someone like Captain Jack Harkness who had real character? I don’t mind these three if they have story arcs, but they only seem to exist so Moffat can try to rip of running gag and honestly I’m sick of them. I don’t know what they’re for.


Capaldi tries to capture our attention as the Doctor, but the other three keep getting in the way. I wanted more DOCTOR. This is my chance to bond with my new doctor and the episode seemed to keep apologizing for him. Why is he now old? Why is he now grumpy? Or even the biggest insult of all, having Matt Smith plead with us to keep watching the show. For goodness’ sake leave our beloved Matt Smith out of it. He wouldn’t have to beg if Moffat hadn’t seen fit to apologize for a new doctor.

Needless to say my love for this show will necessitate a viewing of more of the season, but Moffat has done what we all thought impossible and made a really really lousy episode. There’s barely enough bite to make me want to watch (see above reference to watching from the sixties). In other words, Moffat, you can try harder. We know you’re talented, but all this garbage about “why’s he old?””Because you need him old?””Because he always was old?” Feels matrix reloaded bad…yes I mean that.

twelfth Doctor

Still the episode has its saving points. Nothing made me laugh harder than “I’m Scottish, I can complain now!” These were the charming moments and their simply wasn’t enough of them. So in a word, dump strax, jenny, and vastra is it? Out on the cold Victorian streets. We’ve made such a huge deal about our new doctor. LET US LEARN TO LIKE HIM!

One thought on “Dr. Who? (Add Emphasis on Last Word)

  1. So, finally watched the episode. I couldn’t help feel a few things:

    1. The dinosaur was pointless (but I still felt bad when it died)
    2. Loved the connection to the “The Girl in the Fireplace” episode/plot, that was always one of my favorite episodes.
    3. I felt like they over-did Clara’s opposition to the new Doctor. Nothing to do with JLC, I thought she did fine, but a more quiet sadness would have been the route I preferred, because…
    4. Though it didn’t quite strike a chord with me emotionally as much as I feel it could have, I couldn’t help view the Doctor and Clara as a couple or pair of friends (Not romantically – I’ve never shipped anyone with the Doctor since Rose – not why I watch the show) with one member (obviously the Doctor) losing concentration and compassion to dementia, with the other member left to try and still love the person that just isn’t there any longer. Which is why…
    5. I have mixed, but not necessarily negative feelings about the scene with Matt Smith on the phone. When you’re in a long term relationship, people definitely change, however it’s important to always know that you’re still with the person that you started your journey with, and Clara needed that… maybe. See I’m on the fence because, her character is incredibly level headed, and so I feel like Clara shouldn’t have needed such a direct reminder that the Doctor was still that “clever boy”.

    Also… tied to #3, I can’t stand Vastra and Jenny. I don’t care that they’re lesbians, but I detest the dynamics of their relationship, specifically Jenny’s dependency. The scene with Jenny posing for what she thought was art only to find out she was quite literally being objectified, and at Vastra’s beck and call, was awful. I feel like if Vastra were a male character everyone would be up in arms about that kind of misogynistic behavior.
    This ties to #3 because at one point Clara asks Jenny (paraphrasing here) what she’d do if Vastra, who she likes were “different”. Jenny responds with a sappy comment about not liking Vastra but loving her. I’m fine if they love each other, but Jenny knew as the audience did what Clara was asking, and instead of talking about what truly happens in relationships when people change or end up “different” we got a cheesy response that didn’t help anything.

    And getting past feelings on to thinking…

    I think that I’m on the fence about the “Promised Land” and what it could be though (getting back to feelings, because there’s no true logic for my next statement), I was disappointed that whomever posted the notice for them to be able to meet was an outsider, rather than an old companion creeping back in, like Donna Noble, Bad Wolf or even a different incarnation of Clara/The Impossible Girl.

    Still, even if at times it seemed forced, if the episode wanted anything from viewers it was for them let go of the past and be ready to move on. On to ep two, and thanks for the review! :)

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