Know Your Enemy, Daredevil Eps 8-10

daredevil-recap-nelson-vs-murdock-foggy-and-mattHi Readers,

As I continue watching Daredevil I find myself repeatedly surprised at how it continues to pick up speed and how it continues to keep providing amazing episodes.

While I’m sure that had I watched episodes in a different grouping I may have seen different trends, for me, episodes 8-10 were all about knowing your enemy, which some characters were great at, others not so much.Now, as a product of binging episodes in groups, things are a tad foggy (yeah, I had to) in terms of the exact order of things, so let’s stick with the enemy theme.

nobu_fightWho knows their enemy? Matt, sure he may not have Fisk entirely figured out, but after leaving the big fancy law firm to strike out with Foggy because being true and ethical was more important than being legally right, it’s clear that he’s got the sense of right Art_Gallery_9and wrong down, which means he knows that Fisk is who he’s got to keep as his focus, even if that means making his moment to moment focus kicking the ass of whatever adversary Fisk puts in front of him (side note, the fight with him and Nobu was amazing!!!). That being said he may want to keep paying close attention to Vanessa.

Screen-Shot-2015-04-16-at-7-25-01-PMAlso, for all that knowledge and confidence in what’s right, it wonderful to see him grappling with one of the most human things, faith. Now I know that not everyone has faith, BUT Matt does, and it would be out of character to highlight that he’s a Catholic, Daredevil-110beginningand then never address the moral and spiritual struggles that a man like him would go through. After all it’s cathartic to beat a pedophile, it’s a Marvels-Daredevil-Season-1-Episode-9-2-a68dpotential question of salvation though to contemplate murder. The show deals with that really well without simply skimming the surface. It neatly presents the concepts of good and evil, and knowing the difference.

daredevil_8_kingpin_breakfastWhen it comes to figuring out Fisk though I have to say that episode 8 was one of my favorites so far. To some degree I indexwas a bit worried that Netflix/Marvel would go back to humanizing Fisk (something I thought impossible after that beheading scene). Even with the gruesome details of his imagesepically awful childhood (I mean with a bully like that for a dad, and a justifiable murderess for a mother it’s no shocker that he became the man he is), it in no way made him seem to sympathetic a character. This is a really fine line when it comes to storytelling for a villain, and I think that Marvel walked that line with Netflix well.daredevil-episode-9-600x336

Now, Fisk sees the man in the mask as his enemy, and he’s not wrong, the problem for Fisk though is he’s got other enemies, and not all of them can be taken care of as well as Nobu was. nobu-black-suitSpeaking of Nobu, Nobu falls into the category of not knowing who his enemies were. I mean really I felt like anyone could see that Fisk was setting him up to try and prove himself, only to be killed by the man in the mask.

fisk-faces-a-new-enemy-daredevil-ep10Madam Gao on the other hand, seems very keen on always being aware of who her enemies are, or who her enemies might be. It’s no wonder that she’s made it through organized crime to be the age she is.


She’s ridiculously shrewd, and despite his nervousness, and reactions (table flip anyone), I think that Fisk is underestimating her.Because of this, I think that Madam Gao was responsible for the poison at the benefit. Especially since Vanessa was a victim, and we’ve had enough comments about how she’s affecting Fisks motivations and actions.

Now, Foggy was of course a major part of these episodes (especially 10) and he falls into the mostly-knows-who-his-enemy is. I mean he’s nowhere near as close to uncovering things about Fisk as Karen and Urich are, considering last I saw them they were with Fisk’s mom at a nursing home. But he knows that Fisk is the big bad, and he wants to take him down.

The mostly part is the way he feels like Matt is his enemy now, or at the very least not his friend. I can understand the hurt though. I mean he believed Matt to be blind for years, and blindly (pardon the pun) followed him when it came to morals and creating their own firm. So it’s natural that he’d feel extremely betrayed. That being said I hope he gets over his betrayal soon, and gives not only the medical, but emotional support that Matt needs.

On to episode 11!

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