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HOC s2e6 FrankHi Readers,

Something tells me that if my blog is ever going to take over the world, or even a tiny little corner of the internet I’ll need to get someone to help me stay on top of all my blogging. Especially for House of Cards, I’m so far behind I’m actually starting to regret my choice not to binge. However that being said I’m still determined to get up a post per episode, so better late than never. Here are my thoughts on episode six of season two.

HOC s2e6 Claire and First LadyLet’s start things off in the White House, and with Congress. In the White House Claire is doing an incredible job at getting under the First Lady’s skin when it comes to any insecurities that she may have with Christina working for the President, and she’s getting her claws into Christina. Honestly, I really don’t understand why Claire is doing this. Christina seemed to accept the official story on Peter Russo, and it seems like there’s no reason to ruffle any feathers, however it seems that there will be much feather ruffling from here on out, especially since from what we’ve seen there’s nothing other than a professional relationship between the President and Cynthia.

HOC s2e6 Remy and JackieFor non-professional relationships, let’s take a look at Remy and Jackie. I have to say I wasn’t shocked, but at the same time didn’t feel like I saw this coming. I don’t have any objections to Remy and Jackie together. HOC s2e6 Remy However, I just wonder where this is really going, and how much, if at all this could somehow hurt Frank, since Remy is Tusk’s messenger. It’s be nice to think that maybe he just likes Jackie, but deep down I think he’s using her to have influence in Congress for Tusk’s sake.

HOC s2e6 Tusk and FrankAnd I’ll be honest, Tusk seems to need all the help that he can get at this point, since he certainly can’t count on Frank to help him accomplish all he wants to politically and monetarily through the President any longer, now that he’s listening to Frank’s every recommendation. Again, I actually feel really sorry for the President being so easily manipulated by Frank, that deep down it’s making it hard to root for Frank.HOC s2e6 President Walker and Frank That being said, as much as I don’t really care about Frank’s first pitch it was really aggressive of Tusk to literally pull the plug on the event, and if I had to characterize Tusk as an animal, he’s like an old dog that’s had his favorite toy taken away, and that means he’s probably going to stay aggressive. That means that things are going to be bumpy for a while.

HOC s2e6 GoodwinI feel like Frank can overcome anything that Tusk throws at him though, he’s successfully eroded the trust that Walker had in him. What I (and obviously Stamper in the episode) am not sure he can overcome is if Goodwin wants to opt for a trial instead of taking a plea deal. Yes, Goodwin broke the law, however the world should know about Frank’s crimes. The biggest problem though is, if Goodwin doesn’t take the deal, then when he goes to court, who’s going to believe him?

Both Jeanine and Tom were basically telling him that his lack of proof is going to sink any chances he has at success. I really don’t feel like they’re doing him a disservice. Do I think that they should support him more, sure, however they’re being incredibly rational. I did love when Jeanine kicked the agents out of her home. She knows she can’t get in trouble for Lucas’ actions, so good for her for sticking up for herself. And at least Tom was willing to start digging. Things could get really bad if he ever finds Rachel.

HOC s2e6 Rachel Church KidsSpeaking of Rachel, she’s probably the one character that I feel a lot of pity for in this entire series. She didn’t asked to get wrapped up in all of this, and she’s trying to have as normal a life as possible, HOC s2e6 Rachel and Stamperbut Stamper (who obviously cares for her) isn’t willing to let that happen because of the risks associated. My only question now is what he’ll do if Rachel herself seems to become a risk in general, and for that I’ll have to watch more episodes.

HOC s2e6 Frank Winning


Either way I’m sure that whatever happens, Frank will be prepared to find a way to come out on top, and the show will continue to be amazing to watch.



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