Excited For Robocop’s Reboot Part 2

1987Hi Viewers,

So last night I posted the first of  a two part video, looking at why I’m excited for the reboot of Robocop. The 1st video (which you can see here) is me explaining why I’m excited, having never seen the original Robocop. Now that I’ve seen it, here are my thoughts about seeing the reboot!

Also, in case you forgot about how adorable those ED 209’s are:

Thanks for watching, and let me know your thoughts on the reboot in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Excited For Robocop’s Reboot Part 2

  1. Two words. Peter welker. Nobody does camp and over the top sci fi nonsense like he does (screamers anyone?) also-it’s kinda like parenting. You don’t know what peter welker is about until you see him smoke reds in screamers. That said, unless he makes a cameo in the new one it will be a fail…and by cameo I mean, play a pivotal role. Bye, from the Internet.

  2. Awwwww you’ve set yourself up to be so disappointed in the reboot! It’s as adorable as an ED 209. For what its worth, I’d watch the reboot if it had all that stuff you wanted in it. I just don’t think the creative team has as good of instincts as you on this one.

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