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JUSTS05E03Hi Readers,

This past Tuesday we got some answers to some questions, and for the parties involved, they’re not too good. But read no further if you haven’t watched this past episode of Justified.

Justified (s05e03) 04So the episode started with Raylan enjoying all the perks of the Monroe mansion with Alison, only to have things interrupted by someone repeatedly setting off the car alarm outside. While Raylan initially thinks that the guy with bat and shamrock tattoo was sent by Monroe to scare him out of the house, my assumption was that the guy was sent by whoever Monroe had been working for. Neither of those assumptions were correct though. After the incident though Alison leaves in a hurry. The next morning Monroe is out and makes it very clear to Raylan that if he’d sent anyone they wouldn’t be hitting a car with a bat. Ijustified_raylan503_hp_n light of things though, Art insists that Rachel stay at the mansion as well for back up. Turns out the guy with the bat was actually the father of some kids that Alison had removed from his household for drugs, that he insists she planted. I, like Raylan didn’t think that she had anything to do with a scam of Monroe’s. Unlike Raylan, I didn’t like her much to begin with, and like her less, knowing she’s kinda shady as a social worker

When it comes to Monroe though, he makes his own assumptions about the visitor wiht the bat, and thinks that it was his girlfriend’s plan to have someone draw out the Marshall, so she could sneak in and steal something from his safe… after some intense discussion…








1she convinces him that she had nothing to do with it, but that Wynn Duffy had installed the safe, so it may have been plan to steal from Monroe. His new plan though is to have his girlfriend stop by the house to retrieve said objects from the safe. She tries telling Raylan and Rachel that she’s there to feed some very expensive koi, but they of course catch her at the safe, and decide to use this to their advantage, making her call Monroe and tell him that the safe is empty, which definitely puts Duffy in a tight spot.

s5e3Now Duffy was already in a bit of a tight spot with Boyd asking him whether or not he had anything to do with the murder last week when Boyd was supposedly going to finally get his shipment from Canada. Duffy had nothing to do with it, 06-deadbut when Raylan shows up explaining what’s going on with Monroe and the safe, Duffy realizes that Boyd’s issue may have been small potatoes. Neither Boyd nor Raylan have to wait for things to move forward with Monroe though, as he ends up shot by Duffy’s armed security guard and the last we see of him this episode is bleeding out on the ground, now putting Raylan in quite the tough spot.


Screen-Shot-2014-01-17-at-3.27.15-PMThe other members of Harlan County, namely the Crowders and Crowes may win the “tough spot” category though. Dewey is in a tough spot because his cousin starts by pointing out how much he over paid Boyd for Audrey’s. He talks Dewey into confronting Boyd about it, but Boyd (having bigger issues on his plate) CousinDeweyjust brushes him off. When Dewey returns it becomes apparent to the viewers that Dewey, and his cousin are going to become much bigger issues for Boyd when Dewey learns that Daryl beat Wade into admitting that he’s been skimming for Boyd and Daryl leaves Dewey with the task of killing Wade.

Justified-5x03-5 Now Boyd will probably be in quite a pickle when Dewey comes calling again, but in the mean time, he’s been trying work things out with Ava, who is finding him less and less reliable as she sits in prison, and he’s gotten her no closer to getting out. Also, to be honest, while I know that  Boyd cares for Ava and wants her out, he seems a bit distracted by Mara, the “almost-widow” of Paxton. Schermata-01-2456685-alle-02.05.04-300x168

He at least gets some resolution though, regarding his drug shipment. Turns out “Candy” did tell someone what she’d been told last week about the shipment coming in. It wasn’t Daryl, like I’d expected.

It was Cousin Johnny!

All I can say at this point is keep your friends close and your cousins closer.

Looking forward to tonight’s episode!

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