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Fan Fest 2016Hi Readers,

Who would have figured that with a few weeks of summer left, and San Diego GeeklyPress_J_Squires_Phoenix_Comiconright around the corner that my thoughts would be pushing ahead to this Fall?

Well, now that tickets are on sale for Fan Fest, and the folks who run Phoenix Comicon have gone wibbly-wobbly and moved the convention both in time and in space, going from December to October, and from the stadium back to Downtown Phoenix, I had some questions for Jillian Squires, their Director of Marketing on the big change.

1) What prompted the change? Was it more about avoiding the Christmas/Holiday season or having an opportunity to be back at the Convention Center?

Many things were behind this change, the holiday season is one of them, feedback from attendees is another. Also the Stadium was very expensive all the little things added up fast. Then there was the NFL schedule, we couldnt pick a date until after that came out which was typically in April sometime which limited how much time we could plan and work with guests. Plus the limited space for programming, the Stadium was unique and fun and the free parking was awesome but overall its just not built for our needs.

2) Now that it’s back at the Convention Center are there concerns that Fan Fest won’t stand out like it has the past two years?

Oh I think it still will, it will take place on the 3rd floor of the Convention Center, it will have its own feel, use its space uniquely.

3) Will Fan Fest be able to have the same kind of opportunities for outdoor and family activities at the Convention Center as it has had at the stadium?

Probably less outdoor which will be good since we will avoid the danger of rain. However we will have so much more space for programming opportunities.

4) How if at all does this affect Phoenix Comicon’s relationship with the Convention Center and hotels?

It strengthens them, we have more opportunities to work together, more chances to build great activities.

5) Was there a concern about hotel costs in the fall?

There always are, but we have wonderful relationships with the hotels downtown and they want to work with us for Fan Fest so we are optimistic about what we can put together.

6) What are some things that attendees can be excited for with these changes?

More programming, so much more programming!


Finally are there any other details you’d want attendees to know about the Fan Fest updates?

We know that the changes are not perfect for everyone, we are listening to all the feedback and making changes based on what we hear and what seems to be the best for the majority. Please continue to give us feedback it is the only way we can improve.

So, there you have it. Sportsing schedules, the need for a more nerd-centric environment, and feedback from attendees. There’s everything you wanted to know about why Fan Fest will be October 22-23 at Downtown instead of the stadium.

Do you have any thoughts or feedback about the changes? Let us know in the comments!

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