Too Far, House of Cards S2e4

HOC_s2e4_Frank1Hi Readers,
Here’s the latest on my journey through House of Cards Season two. And I have to say, while I’m still in no way disappointed after finishing episode four, I am a tad depressed. Instead of focusing on what was interesting, I’ll go through this post from least to most depressing. While some might think that there was nothing depressing about the dealings with Capitol Hill and needing votes, I felt a bit bothered that Tusk is assisting Frank (via Remy Spencer) get the votes he needs to avoid a government shut down, not because it’s the right thing to do, but because Tusk “Want[s] the President focused on China, not HOC_s2e4_Anthrax_Scarefurloughs and protests”. All in all while there were some nervous moments, and the anthrax scare offered some tension, I’d say things worked out pretty well for everyone involved (by the way am I the only one who thinks the anthrax was sent by Francis?).

Also, I’m quite pleased at how Jacqueline Sharp handled things as the new Whip, I thinkĀ  she’s going to do just fine! So all in all, despite that the closed door dealings are a sadly accurate representation for how and why I assume things are done in DC, it is least depressing.

HOC_s2e4_InterviewWhat is slightly more depressing to me is the way that the interviewer questioned Claire. I’m not saying that I personally approve of her life decisions, and I certainly believe that she and Francis are a power couple through and through (with an amazing loyalty that is almost loving it shows why they’ve lasted for years when other depend on love and other emotions to preserve a marriage). That being said though, that interviewer repeatedly crossed the line professionally and personally. I was shocked by her pushiness, and awed at how Claire was able to turn the tables and put the focus on the rapist military official, instead of herself. Also, it’s definitely not depressing to see said rapist get national attention, in a negative way.

HOC_s2e4_Gavin_SlapOn to the most depressing. Oh, Goodwin… I really REALLY wanted to believe that with his hacking skills, adorable guinea pig, and smacking skills that Gavin was legit, and by legit I mean not affiliated with anything legit, and therefore a sneaky hacker willing to help. Deep down I feel bad for Gavin (almost as bad as I feel for Goodwin). His comments about Cashew being there to remind him not get caught and end up in a cage made even more sense by the end of the episode. Though I do wonder if he’ll soon come to terms with the fact that whether it’s prison or working undercover for the government that he’s in a cage no matter what. If he realizes this I’d love to hope that he’d turn and truly begin to help Goodwin, but my hope has already been betrayed and now all I can do is wait for that betrayal to hit Goodwin.

HOC_s2e4_Frank_Claire_endFrom rape scandals in the military to, the deep web and the NSA, as well as the kind of BS it takes to keep our government from grinding to a halt House of Cards is so spectacularly on pace with current political events I am once again astonished at their awesomeness and cannot wait till ep 5.

Any thoughts on this episode, leave a comment, but please no spoilers.

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