Feeling Like Fisk, Daredevil Season One Finale

indexHi Readers,

Between a convention and starting a friendly vlog, I’ve been a bit lax in wrapping up my thoughts on Daredevil Season One. Now don’t get me wrong. I liked it, a lot. However at the end I’m left not excited, but somewhat underwhelmed with the knowledge that after coming so far, all I can do now is stare at a wall until season two premieres, some time in 2016, a sensation I feared when I began my viewing.

Now… will I really be staring at a wall until next April. No, not really. I’ll be at conventions and beginning to teach between now and then. However, when it comes to the world of Daredevil, what else are we to do at this point?

daredevil-kingpin-wilson-fisk-gets-locked-upI mean I realize that eventually Fisk will probably get out of prison and all of his time staring at the wall won’t have helped his disposition. In fact after we witnessed the brilliant scene of Fisk’s application of the “Good Samaritan”, and marking himself not as any actual person in the story, but as the personification of “Ill Intent” the rest, despite the action itself, was somewhat disappointing, in that it left not cliff hangers, but simply questions.

I mean, I don’t agree with Fisk’s methodology, or business partners. However, I don’t honestly believe that as a whole Fisk is the “Ill Intent”. I know that’s a bold statement considering he’s the complex villain who’s made me wary of SUV doors. But his “Intent” was good. To improve Hell’s Kitchen. We never got clear objectives on what his plans were, but here is one place where the show, full of biblical allusions and a character struggling with faith missed the mark.

After all, the road to Hell is not paved with ill intentions, but with good, or at least the saying goes.

daredevil-finale-fisk-chainsIf Fisk as the villain is supposed to be harmful or ill to Hell’s kitchen, and Daredevil its savior, then what are we really to glean from how things ended? I mean perhaps as the “Ill Intent” we should fear Fisk more because he’s accepted that his purpose is to spread wickedness and pain, but why? I mean everything I got from the season was that he wanted to build better condos, and for him the ends would justify the means.

Now what’s his goal, continue to be corrupt and NOT build better condos?

Vanessa after Fisk arrest Daredevil FinaleAnd Vanessa. I’m very curious about her character. Fisk was given multiple layers like an onion. Vanessa though was more like a rose. Yeah there are petals, and when we saw how murderous she looked as Fisk was taken it was a hint of thorns, but what’s next for her? She has Fisk’s money, but as far as we know none of his connections. Hopefully we’ll see this grow in season two, because I’d like her to be something more than a plot device.

To be honest I’ll never understand why she was interested in Fisk, was it the money, the power? Those are decent motivations, but I kept hoping for more.

Where else was I hoping for more? With Matt. I was happy at the end when he didn’t kill Fisk because it meant on some level he, though a vigilante could remain within the system. Whether or not it will be something he regrets, I don’t know.

Once again I find that having minimal knowledge of the comics makes for being a better viewer (after all it’s been over a month since I saw Age of Ultron and I still can’t come up with a decent blog that would be more than a rant-fest).

All of that being said, I’m very much looking forward to season two, which says a lot because even if I didn’t love the finale, Daredevil was a series where the whole was certainly greater than the sum of its parts, but let’s be honest, each part, each character was pretty great.

Oh and speaking of pretty great, that suit was awesome!


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