“Finally Quiet” House of Cards S2e2

HOC_S2e2_SwearHi Readers,
Remaining on pace, watching only one House of Cards episode per week during the second season, I feel again that this was a wise choice. So, read no further if you haven’t watched episode 2 of season 2, because I solemnly swear that there will be spoilers in this post, so help me blog.

HOC_S2e2_3Now then, the episode picked up with viewers beginning to see that change is coming. .Frank is now the VP and his home is being updated security-wise to accomdate his new status (but we’ll get to that in a bit) one thing that the show won’t let us forget is that due to Frank’s change in status, it means that there’s a change in Congress. So let’s take a look at portion of the storyline, that for various reasons, actually intrigues me a bit more than the awesomeness that is Goodwin (but we’ll get to that in a bit as well.

HOC_S2e2_Jackie_DesperateJackie Sharp, Frank’s chosen successor, for reasons still quite unknown. As of episode one, Frank says he has nothing on her (something I still somewhat doubt), but she was able (of course with Frank’s help) to keep her head above water, and make the tough decision, to literally turn the tables on someone she loved and trusted, but couldn’t get her ahead… I guess I’m starting to see what Frank sees in her.

HOC_S2e2_4Now that the future of Congress seems certain, let’s review the current fictional political turmoil. I’m not surprised Frank turned the tables on Tusk, or was able to sneakily contribute to an international incident. I’m just a bit surprised that it was done so¬† quickly, and I actually feel a bit bad for President Walker, who’s caught in the middle, and losing no matter what.

HOC_S2e2_ClaireMoving from Frank’s political, to personal life, where there’s really not much to separate the two, as much as this is all about Frank, his moments with Claire, and Claire’s moments without him, are some of the most powerful in the series. It should go without saying, (though I’ll bring it up anyway), HOC_S2e2_Introductionthat I have no doubt that Frank having to carry out a ceremony honoring a man who had raped his wife in college was easier than Claire having to watch. Maybe I only feel that way because I’m a woman, but both Claire and Frank have always had to take steps forward together, and I keep feeling like what we see is deep down it costs her more. Her lines about “want[ing] to smash things” and needing to “strangle” the victim that she was, because the “alternative” is too unbearable, were so amazing, and flawlessly delivered. While I detest what she recounted her character having gone through, the fact that she said she broke her rapist’s nose at the time, was nothing short of awesome.

HOC_S2e2_After3When we look at what she’s had to sacrifice, childbearing, her organization, her dignity, compared to Frank, who has given up what, an internet connection to play video games, and the privacy of his backyard (because of the security that comes with being VP)?!?! I stand by my consideration that despite her determination to keep pushing ahead, that eventually it will be too much, and Frank will no longer have her support.

HOC_S2e2_Finally_QuietEven if I’m wrong, and Claire never changes course from being the woman behind the man, the quiet that Frank and Claire think that they’re finally getting is definitely not going to last, especially if Goodwin has anything do to with it.


HOC_S2e2_GoodwinNow, on this next point, don’t get me wrong. I really like Goodwin, and by the end of the episode, he’s most certainly on his way to becoming my favorite character. I also know that we all know that Frank killed Zoe (and I still don’t think that I’ve completely come to terms with that yet). HOC_S2e2_TomHowever, as Tom (yeah remember Tom, who got fired for not liking how Zoe was handling things) pointed out, what Goodwin has isn’t really substantial. The footage didn’t prove anything, and since Zoe deleted her texts (still hate that she did that), Goodwin doesn’t have anything to tie her death to Underwood… yet, and I’m sure he’ll hopefully have plenty soon.

All I can say at this point is I am so looking forward to seeing where this goes, and despite still loving Frank, I’m slowly finding myself rooting for Goodwin.

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