Finished The Following’s First Season

followingHi readers,

So if any of you followed my previous blog I had started blogging on The Following as soon as it came out for four reasons.


  1. My love of scary/suspenseful shows or stories
  2. Being present for the pilot and panel at SDCC 2012
  3. Learning that Kevin Williamson (writer for Scream) was writing/producing (see #1)
  4. The cast ( especially Kevin Bacon, and James Purefoy)

Unfortunately due to work, and school, and following other shows, I  ended up behind after only 3 episodes. The good news is in the previous few weeks I’ve caught up, and was reminded about all the reasons why I liked the show, and then some.

the-following-fox-episode-6-the-fall-006The big one ties to reasons 3 & 4, the writing is awesome including the dialogue (my favorite scene of season 1, is probably in episode 5, when Hardy is speaking to the “gay” neighbors who helped kidnap Joey). What really stood out to me were the scenes where Hardy (Bacon) really did seem to come to life while dealing with Carroll (Purefoy). I it was also great to have a villain that remained, in essence a villain. Too often villains can get likable (do you see how often Loki pops up in my blogs?!?!). Carroll though, never became sympathetic through his flaws, and he never became admirable for his strengths, though it would be impossible to deny that he had them.

natalie-zea-the-following1This is not to say that the other cast members and characters don’t also bring a lot to the show. Initially I was irritated by Claire’s (Natalie Zea) helplessness, but that’s the point, she spent the season, very much in one way or the other at the mercy of a calculating, murderous, madman. Emma (Valorie Curry) on -Emma-1x08-Welcome-Home-the-following-33966273-200-200the other hand seemed much more complex. We watched her try and maintain control, and she could be very determined, but there were so many little cracks in her character revealing the sad broken girl inside letting her emotions motivate her. Both of these women were played extremely well, and I’m very interested to see how they begin season two, based on what they’ve been through.

followingfinaleThe ending of the first season, for me, as a horror fan was perfect. It wrapped things up only just enough to leave us wondering, and wanting more. And I’m not even talking about the cliffhanger. I’m talking about Joe Carroll specifically. So before Season 2 starts, and any theories are confirmed or laid to waste I’ll type here and now I think that Joe Carroll lives. I think that the man at the lighthouse was meant to be a decoy, and I’m assuming that the dental records were faked. I may be completely wrong, and we may the-following-season-2-premiereonly ever see destruction at the hands of his zealous devotees (which is scary enough), especially now that they have a martyr. The only thing more powerful to a cause though than a martyr is a messiah, and we may see him step into that role, by the end of this season, or season three, which I’m assuming it will get renewed for.

So, thanks for reading, happy watching, looking forward to the season two premiere tonight!

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