No Flirting at Downton Abbey, Season 5, episode 3

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For those have seen The Grand Budapest Hotel, you’ll understand my attitude about Cora and the art enthusiast immediately. For those that have not seen Grand Budapest Hotel, believe me when I say that you must, immediately at your earliest convenience, and even perhaps at an even earlier inconvenience. With that out of the way, let take a look at why there wasn’t, or shouldn’t have been, any flirting on Downton Abbey.

The Grand Budapest HotelNow, for the sake of context. There’s a delightful scene in The Grand Budapest Hotel, in which Mr. H. Gustave, the concierge is briefly and comedically flirting with Agatha, the girlfriend of his Lobby Boy, named Zero, while Zero stands there and dryly addresses Mr. Gustave with a stern “Don’t flirt with her”.

58002Well for every scene with Cora and historian Simon Bricker, I felt just like Zero, muttering the phrase “don’t flirt with her.” While it seems that Robert is perhaps mostly correct about Bricker’s interest focused on Cora, rather than art, I found him to be a bit harsh, and that it’s with tones like that, that it’s unsurprising that Cora is enjoying a bit of attention, even if, she should be a bit keener to consider that Bricker may have ulterior motives, even if he values her art opinions.

lady-mary-in-bed-with-tonyAs far as the flirting went though, it may be all we see on Downton for quite a while. Mary, being as contrary as she is, seems to already be losing interest in Mr. Gillingham. While her fickle attitudes are a bit annoying, I can’t say I’d be too broken up if they didn’t march down the aisle, considering I’d rather she end up with Charles Blake.downton-abbey-season-5-episode-1-s05e01-1

For her sister Edith, while the viewers of course all know that there’s been no flirting with her and the farmer, if he could only tell his wife that she’s Marigold’s mother it would solve all the suspicions she has regarding the two of them.


BatesFor Anna and Bates, there will be no flirting if one of two things happen. The first of which would be him going to prison again if it’s discovered that he was in London when Mr. Green was killed. The second of which is if he finds the birth control that Anna is hiding for Mary, and wonders if she had an affair. However, I feel that the second of the two would be a bit contrived, considering he knows her to be honest, and she said she was holding something for Mary.

bal-downton-abbey-season-5-episode-3-recap-choosing-your-own-path-20150118Finally, while we saw no flirting on screen, I can’t wait to see if any occurs between the Dowager Countess and the Russian refugee who gave her the fan all those years ago. I’m shocked she didn’t start using it, considering how flustered she seemed to get. It’s lovely to think about any former loves she may have had!

tumblr_nda9arTWgt1rmd8fho2_1280Also, as a final opinion, I hope that eventually there’s zero flirting between Tom and Ms. Bunting. I’m not opposed to her having her own opinions, however she was incredibly rude to the Russian refugees, especially as their country was nearing the end of a war.There are just certain things that you should be sensitive about, and criticizing the Czar at that time was in poor taste on her part.

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