How I Found Myself, While Getting LOST

Lost-lost-11771833-1920-1080Hi Readers,

While I may be behind on a few things, I wanted to take a moment for a (hopefully) short post, about how and why the show LOST contributed to me being me, and more importantly me being happy with me. (Note if you haven’t seen LOST please don’t read any further, because I think you should watch it, but as spoiler free as possible).

I can still recall how I felt ten years ago, when I was seeing ads for some show called “LOST” about a bunch of castaways, and how I’d initially brushed it off as “Lord of the Flies, but with adults”, and therefore (because I used to believe that source material is ALWAYS better than its adaptation) wouldn’t be something I cared about watching. Ten years ago, I also happened to be a closet nerd. As a kid I liked unicorns and other stuff declared “weird” by my peers. Stuff like vampires, and werewolves, and aliens, and Harry Potter… though no amount of peer bashing could keep me from founding a Harry Potter fan club at my middle school, I was sorted into Ravenclaw by the way (mind you this was at a time when the members of said fan club were STOKED about the THIRD book coming out, just to show you how ahead of the curve I was). Anyway, where was I, ah yes, getting LOST.

LOST-season-2-finale-shotI foolishly had no interest in it when it came out. Flash forward to season two, when the relatives I was living with happened to have the TV on, to one of the most dramatic moments of the series which still happens to be my favorite. Michael has Walt, Ben has our castaways and Michael looks at Ben and asks: “Who are you people?” To which Ben replies with perfect ease: “We’re the good guys Michael”, I know it may not seem like much in words on a blog, and I searched for a clip on YouTube, but believe me when I say that scene changed my life. I was instantly hooked, needing to understand if and how Ben could be telling the truth if he was, what this island was, and why people were stuck there. So, I began from the beginning, and I’m so glad I did.

Now it should be no surprise that Benjamin Linus became my favorite character, however I don’t remember any impatience as I waited for him to appear, as the characters with their flashbacks and the island kept me incredibly intrigued. I was completely caught up by the third season, and I wasn’t just watching, I was thinking and questioning, and debating, and voicing my theories in places like, and the LOST podcast with jay and jack(they’re starting a new LOST one today), LOST was phenomenal because it wasn’t just a show on the air, it was also a community online, and being a part of that community was amazing. I was such a fan, that when I had an opportunity to go to Hawaii (specifically the island of Kauai) in 2011 my husband and I took an island hopper flight hopper to Oahu to visit several of the LOST filming sites (it was SO worth it).

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LOST was also what I like to joke as my “gateway drug” for science fiction. Before the idea of science fiction, to me, was something to be shunned and avoided. However with LOST I learned that there are others out there that share my passions, and interest in solving mysteries, wondering about our purpose in life, and loving the unexplainable (until of course it’s explained in ways that either make or break our incredibly important theories. After LOST ended I consoled myself with BSG, and Heroes, and more recently with shows like Helix.

Now I could make this post go on and on forever, until I’m contemplating tattoos in Thailand, or exclaiming phrases like “Razzle Dazzle!”, however I’ll sum up my thoughts, that as much as I think “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!”, it’s wonderful to move on, because even though I’ve rewatched the show twice, and I still love it, what I’m most grateful for isn’t the show itself. I’m grateful that I can love sci-fi, and go to comic-con, and love myself as a nerd, who knows that sometimes it’s ok to be obsessed with a television show. It’s certainly that comfort in obsession over TV that lead to my love of Breaking Bad, and me beginning this blog.

There are so many parts of who I’m proud of being now because I was able to find myself, while LOST. So a huge thank you to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, and Jay & Jack (I still have photos of that awesome finale party in LA), and everyone who was a part of this community that helped me be me!

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  1. That was a fun party, it was nice meeting you there. It is funny how it changed my life. I see Jay and Jack every year at SDCC. This year I went to Raleigh , NC for the first time and it was a blast. It was really fun watching the first episode of the Game of Thrones season 4 at their house with a bunch of other geeks , some I already knew , others I meet in person for the first time.

    • It was great meeting you too Jim. I haven’t been able to make it to Jay and Jack’s panel every year at SDCC, but I love it when I can make it. It really is true that by the end of things, that love it or hate it LOST was “a place [we]… all made together”! :)

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