For Fox’s Sake

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testAs San Diego Comic-Con is now a month behind us, it may seem silly to bring up Fox’s Hall H panel, however with the Fantastic Four not doing so Fantastic according to reviews (I’ve yet to see it, so don’t expect an opinion one way on the film itself) and Deadpool trailers wowing fans, it seems fitting to point out that Fox was the only Marvel-Related studio to make a splash in Hall H, and they didn’t hold back, in the hopes (I assume) of taking their franchises as far as possible, but can they do that with out the unity of plotlines that Marvel and Warner Brothers are striving to maintain?

Now, let me start by saying that if you haven’t figured out by now that I’m a MARVEL collector and fan-girl, then let me state here and now that it’s fair to say that I find Marvel characters superior to DC.

However as a fan of movies in general, even if I LOVED Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman, I’d still look at what Warner Brothers was doing with how many heroes their cramming into Dawn of Justice and scratch my head, because it feels like it’s a poor attempt to capitalize on the team building that Marvel spent years on.

So, now that Sony is lending Spiderman to Marvel, Fox is the only studio not connecting it’s easily connectable set of characters. And considering how awesome they all looked on stage for Chris Hardwick’s selfie one might wonder why they don’t bother knitting things together.

In the long run, even though they get to essentially tell the world “look at all the comic characters we’ve got” it may be in their best interest to keep things fractured. After all, not every story needs to connect and by keeping things standalone they get to have more freedom in letting each character or set of characters have it’s own identity and feel, as opposed to DC who’s going in a dark direction in opposition to Marvel/Disney’s shiny safe sheen.

So if a fan loves Deadpool’s spicy flavor, verses the Fantastic Fours family appeal, or X-Men’s action, they can enjoy them, without feeling like they need to see a series to enjoy it.

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