No Friends at Downton Abbey

imagesHi Readers,

While I’m not sure what it is about this season that has sent me on a “NO” kick, I’m certain that it’s the theme of the season (or maybe the theme is still focused on the changing times… but I’m sticking with NO). Anyway, it seemed like in this episode it was impossible for anyone to make or keep friends. Except of course Rose, but I doubt she’ll be able to keep her new friend, considering his heritage.

BuntingLeavesLet’s take a quick look at Daisy and Tom. While I love that Daisy now has a whole new world open to her, I was psyched to see Ms. Bunting leave. When it comes to Tom I think that she was a poor influence on him. Not because of her viewpoints, simply because of her increasingly rude behavior.


Downton-Abbey-5-4-aFor Mary, while she seems to becoming quite friendly with Mr. Blake, she clearly hasn’t a friend in Mabel Lane Fox. However I’m tired of anything having to do with Tony Gillingham, so I’m pleased with this development.


Downton-E5-Screencap-22What I’m not so pleased with is the circumstances it took  for Mr. Bricker to no longer be a friend of Cora’s. While Robert had been rude to Cora, and while WE know that she told Mr. Bricker to leave, it’s no surprise that Robert punched the man, who was acting ridiculously inappropriate.

snip20140810_57And what I’m also not pleased with is Barrow’s treatment of Baxter, considering I think that she’s genuinely trying to make peace with him. The only question now is will she decide that it’s in Barrow’s best interest for her to keep quiet, or for her to inform someone of his condition?

Finally, we’re left with a police officer who isn’t being friendly to the Bates couple, and Mr. and Mrs. Drewe who are being unfriendly to Edith. One is a plot that will get nicely wrapped up if nothing slips, the other is a plot where everything will get nicely wrapped up if Edith just comes clean to the farmer’s wife that she’s Marigold’s mother. Because of the simplicity involved with each plot, there isn’t much left to say.

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