Full of Follies, Justified S5e4

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In no way do I want the post title to reflect my thoughts on the quality of the show, one of the things I love about Justified is that it keeps getting better season over season. The title reflects that everyone, from Dewey to Raylan seems to keep getting in their own way.

JUSTS05E04So let’s start with Raylan, for the most part this episode, he seemed to get in the way of other characters, Whether it was holding stuff up for Boyd, or taking Kendall Crowe from his big brother Daryl, he’s reminding everyone who doesn’t like him, why they don’t like him, and that’s not even his biggest folly which I’ll mention at the end of this blog.

For poor Dewey Crowe, the poor guycan’t even pull off a murder successfully. I mean sure by the end of the episode the guy he needed dead is dead, but I feel like even I would have done things quicker and cleaner. Also, I felt pretty bad for Wade by the end of it.








justified-over-the-mountainFor Boyd, there are two issues going on. The first is that he’s in a world of trouble now that cousin Johnny is the one with his drugs, and he hasn’t been able to successfully persuade Johnny to see things his way. The second is that he shouldn’t be trusting Wynn Duffy as much as he is, which brings things back to Raylan.

Art has discovered, as he looks further into the Tonin business in Detroit that the man he should be talking to is Picker, who according to a criminal wanting to make a deal, has been staying with… you guessed it Wynn Duffy. If Art find out about Raylan simply walking away as Sammy Tonin had Augustine killed, well, it’s going to be a big problem.

I’ll actually be surprised if Wynn Duffy makes it out of this season alive. I’d said before that he’s been able to last by laying low, but it seems like he’s getting sneakier and busier than usual, so we’ll see how things turn out.

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