Game of Feels, Review Game of Thrones S6e8

game-of-thrones-season-6-episode-8-no-oneHey Readers!

Warning – Spoilers

Can you believe it’s been over a year since I posted ANYTHING on Game of Thrones? I had to go back and check to be sure. I mean I guess I should be glad that my GOT thoughts haven’t been locked up as long as Edmure Tully, but it’s gotten to that point where despite busy-ness, after last night’s episode I can’t not post.

maxresdefaultWhy is my need to post suddenly as strong as Tyrion’s need for jokes, you may wonder. Well let’s start with the fact that all bad jokes and time wasting aside (looking at YOU Tyrion), there were a few moments in last night’s episode that made me FEEL so much when most of this season (yes even HOLD THE DOOR) has left me at the end of an episode feeling so little.

Additionally, I’ll offer up one tiny confession before I get into the nitty gritty, I watched Sunday’s episode alone, because my husband was out of town, and that means I mentally have to HODOR everything until he sees the episode. Thank the Seven for the outlet that is this blog.

game-of-thrones-season-6-episode-8-10Speaking of the Seven, let’s kick things off with how awful things are for Cersei right now. Not only has the High Sparrow¬†gotten Tommen to prioritize the church over family and well everything else (by the way had I posted last week I’d have spent multiple paragraphs on how much Kings Landing needs a feminist after the High Sparrow tried to man-splain wifely duties), rumorsbut with Trial By Combat now not an option, I’m worried that the only weapon Cersei will have left (since the zombie mountain, tears, and the one between her legs are no longer options) is the “rumor” she received confirmation on… I’m assuming that rumor is wildfire, given her relationship with Jaime (who we’ll get to in due time), and her desperation to regain the upper hand in things.

game-of-thrones-season-6-episode-8-aryaFor someone who did get the upper hand, let’s look at Arya. With her story line in Braavos finally coming to a close I literally shouted FINALLY at my TV. Now we can see her (hopefully) put her assassin skills to the test, though I’m sure that won’t be till next season, and honestly at this game-of-thrones-season-6-episode-8-daeneryspoint I’m not sure who she’ll have left to kill (especially since I’m sure Dany will finally get to Westeros next season).

Speaking of Dany… there’s nothing to say about Dany. She’s had her epic moments this season, and I don’t think anything can top them.

gwXnP6rAlso, regarding untoppable moments, I think Sandor is still reaching his, but I can’t really speculate what it will be. As a book reader, I assumed at some point that Cersei’s trial by combat would have come down to the Mountain vs. Sandor, with Sandor representing the faith. And what an epic battle that would be considering the carnage we got last night.


But now, what’s left for Sandor? Maybe at the end he and Arya will ride off into the sunset as BFF’s with no one left to kill?

Speaking of those I’d like to see ride off into the sunset, let’s look at Brienne and Jaime, the only couple I ship… but really don’t ship on this show. What do I mean by that? Well, Hodor’s traumatic-brain-injury-via-time-travel did nothing for me emotionally. In fact few human deaths on this show really hit me any more. And let’s face it, even if this show had any couples I could root for, I wouldn’t really because the odds were that they’d be slaughtered by the end of a season.

Game-of-Thrones-Season-6-Episode-8Additionally Jaime and Brienne’s relationship isn’t about romance or attraction. Despite the things that Bronn might think or say (and hilarious though they are kudos to pod for reminding Bronn that Brienne is not JUST a woman).

Sure there are things that each of them admires about the other, and before this episode I would have said that ANY¬†romance was one-sided, with Brienne carrying the torch. However, after last night’s episode, seeing how much of their relationship is built on their mutual esteem for one another even in the face of warring families or impossible loyalties I was more moved this episode than I have been all season.


With Brienne nothing about the scenes at Riverrun were surprising. With Jaime though, his interractions with Brienne only to be followed by his ruthless scene with Edumure Tully, what surprised me was his motivations and the fan interpretations.

big_1465220610_imageA lot of people online seem to think that his threats to Edmure, and his declarations of love for Cersei even using that line “The things we do for love” (from when… you know… he kind of pushed Bran out a window) made a lot of people think that he’d backslid, and was basically from season 1, hot for his sister and unwilling to let anything get in the way of it. I however am in the camp that ALL of it was a bluff, and while Jaime loves his family (including Cersei), his words to Edmure were not for Cersei’s sake but for Brienne’s and his own. Jaime’s lines about loving Cersei, though true, felt less like declarations to Edmure, but to himself and like someone who had to remind themselves that they loved someone they were committed to, but no longer in love with. thatonekimgirl-1Finally,Jaime would have been content to storm the castle if needed for Cersei’s sake, but he ended the siege for Brienne’s and his own. The shot of them waving made it clear that they support each other, even if they can never serve or love each other.

So, that’s all my thoughts and feels about last night’s episode. Have any yourself? Put them in the comments!

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