Give a Mouse a Cookie, Justified S5e9

BoydandAvaHi Readers,

As I continue to catch up on this season of Justified, I’ll keep this post rather brief, and that won’t be all to difficult, because for this episode in particular, not a whole lot stood out, despite how much the plot moved. And while the last post focused more on Boyd, despite he and Raylan getting the majority of storytelling and excitement, it’s Ava that I’m thinking about.

tumblr_n2p0rbdWk81qiuc6yo1_500So, for the Crowes and the Crowders, and Wynn Duffy too (because we haven’t seen enough of him this season). Daryl is trying to use his dishonest plotting to get the drugs over the border as a reason for Boyd and Duffy to cut him and his boys in on 20%. This meeting is interrupted by two of Hot Rod’s guys, who are there of course because of the whole debacle in Mexico, and of course sadly Hot Rod is no more. Hot on the trail of all these criminals though are Raylan, and a friend he met (who’s basically like an older version of Raylan) in Tennessee, while trying to get to the bottom of what Boyd was doing in Mexico.

So, while all of that seems exciting and was, here’s why I’m focusing on Ava. Boyd finally visits her, which is great, because now that Ava has a way to get the drugs into the prison, she needs Boyd to start making that happen. Unfortunately though, despite Boyd taking care of a favor, for Ava, for the corrupt nurse, now the corrupt prison nurse needs another favor. She wants Ava to kill Judith.  I’m starting to wonder if Ava’s only way out of prison will be to turn on Boyd.condit









For subplots, I’m sad that Hot Rod is gone, I’m not shocked that Dewey snapped, and I feel bad that Daryl took Kendal’s money. Also, when it comes to Raylan’s behavior and Art’s attitude, I’m still siding with Art all the way.

I don’t see any this going well. However I do see myself watching the next episode as soon as possible, so thanks for reading and happy watching!

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