All in Good Time, Game of Thrones S4e2

Game.of.Thrones.S04E02.HDTV.x264-2HD[16-05-12]Hi Readers,

So this past Sunday we got another episode of Game of Thrones that book readers have been anticipating for years, and while it didn’t necessarily have the shock factors that made the Red Wedding epic, the history that was made at Joffrey’s royal wedding will have a profound effect on everything from our favorite characters to the shape of things to come for Westeros as a whole. So stay with me as I begin to describe my renewed faith in the series and the miserable people that inhabit it. In the spirit with the title, I’ll be having this post progress from least to most gratifying.

ShaeIn the least gratifying category I put Shae and Sansa. I get that Shae wants to stay with Tyrion, and I actually give her props for slapping Bronn (and some props to Bronn for not hitting her back, as most knights in Kings Landing might have). However her stubbornness and naivete are frustrating. game-of-thrones-season-4-purple-wedding-explained-6Sansa’s naivete was only frustrating because she didn’t have to seem so naive for going with Dontos. I get that the books and the show are different, but I thought it was important that we knew their relationship and her faith in him had been growing, this just seems like she went with him because of a pretty necklace (which I won’t talk about… because spoilers).

imagesOh, and all this stuff on Dragonstone…  I momentarily forgot it. That’s not fair though. While things there don’t seem exciting, their building the world and the plot as it needs to be (and a bit as I wish they’d done with Dontos and Sansa), so I shouldn’t whine… I also shouldn’t whine because the sacrifice of leeches has killed 2 out of 3 kings and I don’t think the “Lord of Light” likes whines, for the internet is dark and full of spoilers. Anyway, so yeah on Dragonstone, more have been sacrificed, and Melisandre’s latest attempt at conversion is Stannis’ daughter.

Tyrion_JaimeNext on the list, everything with Jaime and Tyrion is gratifying (except the end of the ep, but I’m getting there). I love seeing my two favorite Lannisters together, and just with Dragonstone the screenwriters are putting things exactly on pace as they need to be, and it was thrilling to have Tryion recommend Bronn_JaimeBronn, when in the books it was Ilyn Payne who helped Jaime train with his left arm. Normally I detest any diversion from the books, this I can live with though. It doesn’t waste time with characters that we’ve practically forgotten, and Bronn is much better for the conversation, not because Payne has no tongue, but because Bronn is… well Bronn.

BranOh, also in the forgotten departent, Bran Rickon, and the Reeds. Bran’s learning not to warg for too long, and now he knows exactly where he’s supposed to be going thanks to a memo from a weirwood tree. This in the show is exactly what it was like in the books for me, I’d get to a Bran chapter and be like “right… but what about so-and-so in Kings Landing”

Snow_Bolton_ReekWell before we get to Kings Landing (all in good time readers) here’s one thing that should have been least gratifying, but by the end of the episode feels like it would be amazingly gratifying one day. I’m talking about Reek… er Theon. I never liked Theon, but I detest what Bolton’s bastard has done to him. I hated it because it made Theon a useless hostage, and because game-thronesit was horribly inhumane, and not even Theon deserved that treatment. When Theon was shaving Ramsay Snow all I could think was “CUT HIS THROAT!!!”, which of course he didn’t. However I can simply hope that one day Theon will pull together what little manhood he has left, and get his revenge. I have this hope because of Joffrey’s wedding. You see it’s not just the Starks that perish, but also little worms like Joffrey. index

See, I got there, wasn’t the wait worth it. I mean no one would have appreciated his death if  he hadn’t been one of the most despicable characters in the series (and that’s saying something). I can recall being so devious when people who had borrowed the books begged me to spoil things for them and tell them if Jeffrey died. I’d always reply with something like “I wish”, knowing that by waiting it out and finally arriving at the moment of his demise that they’d be cheering.

I’m pretty sure that Joffrey has the honor of the one death that no one in the GoT fandom (either readers or watchers) will debate. Ned Stark was too honorable, Viserys wanted what he paid for, Robb was an idiot for betraying and then trusting Walder Frey. I can play devil’s advocate for a slew of characters on this show, but not Joffrey, he gets no love from me. He got no love from his grandfather Tywin either, in fact Olenna Tyrell seemed more distressed at his demise… I’m sure she and Margaery will get over it quickly though. Cersei certainly won’t though, and at this point I just feel really bad for Tyrion. 594d2550-c368-11e3-9fc6-b1cc4e6bcadf_GOT2-15

So what were your thoughts on the episode, did you cheer when Joffrey bit the dust? Let me know in the comments!


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