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Hi Readers,

This past week we’ve had a few exciting updates about Phoenix Comicon’s Fan Fest. Especially if you’re interested in artists and cosplay!

MichaelBeihnFanFest JenniferBlancFanFestWhile actor announcements have continued with Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss), and Jennifer Blanc (Wrong Cops, The Blood Bond, Dark Angel), resulting in the common (and appropriate) fanboy/girl responses on social media of folks being excited for the December event, it’s the announcement yesterday morning for artist Sean Galloway that has a new wave of potential attendees saying that they’re now on board with Fan Fest.

SeanGallowayFanFestThe update about Sean Galloway is fantastic, not just because of his already awesome career in comics and animation (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Venom and Marvel Adventures, Teen Titans Go, Teen Titans Wednesday comics. Sean has also done concept work for Disney’s Tron Animated. And his most recent animation work is Disney’s Big Hero 6.), but because there had been some backlash on Phoenix Comicon’s Facebook page, that the only guests announced had been actors, rather than artists or writers.

As a fan of different mediums and genres, I could see where the complaints were coming from,. There’s an easy to spot correlation between conventions like San Diego Comic-Con bringing in big name actors, and drawing in types of attendees that hardcore comic book, and less mainstream media fans find daunting.

So it’s refreshing that as Phoenix Comicon has grown large enough to host two events annually, that they’re still shining the spotlight on guests other than celebrities.

IMG_20140531_201533Finally, what’s also refreshing about Fan Fest, is a couple weeks ago I had the chance to speak with Matt Solberg (Phoenix Comicon’s Director) again about Cosplay is Not Consent. When I asked Matt if the campaign would be as prominent at Fan Fest as it was at Phoenix Comicon this year (posters, signs and cards in name badges were all over the place), he replied enthusiastically and assuredly that attendees can:

“expect that everything will be done exactly the same”


So once again, cosplayers can look forward to being in a fun and safe environment, where if needed they can get help and support from convention staff.

What are your thoughts on the announcements? Let us know in the comments!

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