I Hate Everyone, Mad Men Season 7 Episode 9

mad-men-season-7-episode-9-jon-hamm-2Hi Readers,
As I continue to make my way through the final episodes of Mad Men I have for the first and shortest time had a moment where I didn’t want to go on because quite frankly there wasn’t a single character choice that I liked in this episode, and so I ended it hating every character.

waitressWhere do¬† I begin? Well Don’s the main character let’s start with him. I hate that he’s starting another relationship, that despite his growth he’s really not emotionally equipped for, especially since this episode seemed like a greatest hits tour.

We had Betty, the wife he could have kept, Sylvia, one of his many flings and then all the drama with Megan.

Megan-mother-sisterWhen it comes to Megan, there was so much to hate. But before we get to her specifically, let’s look at her mother. I don’t just hate her mother for what she did to Don and his apartment I hate her mother for her hypocrisy. Judging Don for his dishonesty when she’s carrying on an affair with Roger. And because it was so selfish, I just add again that I hate her for what she did with Don’s belongings.Megan-Harry

I also hate Harry Crane for how he treated Megan, both for how he treated her in person, and for how he went behind her back trying to cover his butt with Don, who said he didn’t care. And I actually believe that Don didn’t care, especially because of his giving the check to Megan, wanting her to do well, and wanting things to be done. Don-Divorce-Megan-Check

And honestly I can’t decide if I hate Don for writing a check that I think Megan doesn’t really deserve, or Megan for taking it. It doesn’t matter I hate both of them right now.



And getting back to Don, I can’t understand, and don’t really like the fact that he’s attracted to someone like Diana. With all of her baggage it seems like the beginning of an unhealthy relationship, but at the same time maybe that’s the point, maybe Don and Diana are being brought together to help each other grow and heal. If that’s the case though then I’d like to move on, quickly with everything else.

Stan-Peggy-PimaSpeaking of everyone else. I don’t hate Peggy, but I kind of hate Pima for being a “huslter”, and I kind of hate Stan. Not for his insecurities or the fact that he slept with Pima. Simply because a progressively minded individual like him was still so insecure by the end of the episode that he couldn’t accept Peggy’s statement that Pima was a hustler who hit on her. I wish he’d stop whining and I wish that Peggy would get over her own insecurities so that they’d just end up together, but that’s about as likely as everyone in this show getting a happy ending and if Matthew Weiner has taught us anything it’s that he hates these characters too, so he’s fine with letting them suffer.

In all honesty though, please don’t take this blog as a rant or a complaint, I love that this show makes me feel so much, and what I really hate is that it’s ending.

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