What the Helix? 5 Reasons we’re stoked for Syfy’s new show!

helixheadereditHi there readers,

At San Diego Comic-Con this year one of the panels we had the privilege to be in was for Syfy’s new series Helix. Even though they weren’t sharing much about the show shrouded in scientific mysteries, not only was the panel awesome, but between July and now Syfy has been letting more and more get out, and it all adds up to 5 reasons that this blogger is looking forward to the premiere!

Reason Number 5: If you go back and read the post from the panel we learned that this show is intended for viewers that love to catch little details and see a story add up over time. I’m assuming that the song playing about a minute into the premiere (see Reason 1 below) will be one of those little details… Excuse me while I dash off to Google “The way to San Jose”.

Reason Number 4: The meta site and all of the goodies there. if you go _1387917024to syfy.com/helix you’ll see that they’ve laid out everything that they think we’ll need to know in order to try and stay one step ahead of the game. However I don’t think that they’re giving away too much, and that will keep viewers interested.


Reason Number 3: The Frankenstein-esque storyline, but with much higher stakes. With the CDC, sharing military authority getting access to a remote location (on international land) with a potentially retro-active virus (that doesn’t sound good does it?!?!) means global implications. It also means that laws… and by default ethics are allowed to be hazy if there’s no specific country or agency enforcing laws. Also the whole “Progress” angle of whatever mad scientists that had too much fun with playing God will add to this morally-questionable cocktail of drama and suspense!

Reason Number2:  The team they have is amazing. With Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica) producing (did you catch “Frakked up” near the 10minute mark?) and Billy Campbell (The Killing) starring, in what already seems like a series that has a concept that can spread, means that this series probably won’t wear out its welcome too soon. Some Sci-fi shows either take too long to build or start off too unrealistic, but I have confidence in this show to strike the right balance.

Reason Number 1:

In addition to all the goodies you can find on their meta site, Helix shared this with us, the first 15 minutes of their premiere. Not only is it fun to peek at what’s ahead but there are two things I love about this. First is that these 15 minutes are AWESEOME! The second is that while I’m normally inclined to ask myself, “did I just see the best part of ___________” when there’s lots to love in a trailer/teaser/preview, this looks like things are going to keep getting worse for the characters, and better for the audience, and leaves me wanting more.

So, will you be watching Helix tonight? If so comment or tweet your thoughts during or after, we’d love to know what other fans think!

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