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tim-season-5So this past episode of Justified was, even with interviews of Walton Goggins saying we’d see a return of the angry violent Boyd from the pilot, pretty darn intense. While some seasons of Justified can take their time to build, it’s like the writers decided, not to start with a snowball rolling down a hill,  but to opt for an avalanche that’ll hit Harlan County before anyone really knows what’s what.

Justified, Season 5 Episode 1: A Murder of Crowes

8338262-1The episode opened in court not regarding Ava, but Dewey Crowe, possibly one of the dimmest residents of Harlan County.  He’s, somewhat understandably suing the Marshal Service for all the injuries he’s sustained in the presence of Raylan. He’s awarded $300,000.00 for his troubles, and gets to celebrating right away by, unsurprisingly, buying, and living it up at Audrey’s. Though his fun is interrupted pretty quickly by Raylan, who’s trying to get some JUSTIFIED-HERRIMANinformation from Dewey regarding his kin, who apparently were involved in the death of a Coast Guard officer in Florida. Granted he was a dirty Coast Guard justified-s5e1-dilley-elvisofficer, but still, murder’s murder, so without any valuable information, Raylan leaves Audrey’s in slightly worse shape than how he’d found it, but is off to Florida to look into the Crowes down there.

jstjoellecarter-webMeanwhile, Boyd’s trying to keep everything together for himself and for Ava, who’s yet to get a court date, as she’s yet to be assigned a judge. The judge assignment is a key detail for Boyd, who’s chomping at the bit to be able to bribe or threaten Ava’s way out of prison. On the business side, things aren’t maxresdefault1going so well. While he did sell Audrey’s to Dewey, he’s still moving drugs for his friend Tonin, up in Detroit. Unfortunately it seems that there aren’t any drugs to be moved at this Rascalpoint, just guns to be fired (resulting in the need to bandage an ear for what was a nearly a fatal shot). So that means that like Raylan, Boyd has to head out of town to figure some things, out, just in the opposite direction.

jus3So, While Raylan is in Florida, he actually doesn’t see much action, save for near the end of the trip. This is because, Dewey’s cousin Daryll , is doing a pretty decent job of cleaning up his brother Dilly’s mess (what is it with Crowes and names that start with D?). That includes 8922ab3b53d24bf0cb34eb299d93de32working out a deal through his paralegal sister, and unfortunately having to kill Dilly. Having heard from the Hatian that Raylan tried to get information from that his kin Dewey came into plenty of cash, he sees it as the right time to get out of Florida. Also, despite Winona and the baby being in Miami, Raylan never visits.

Most of the episode’s action was really saved for Boyd who is finding himself having to essentially claw his way out of a tough situation in Detroit, which he compares to Iraq, but with “better music”. There, we see that Nicky Augustine, though dangerous may have been spot on in knowing what a poor leader Sammy Tonin would turn out to be, when Picker murders Sammy right in front of Boyd and Duffy, at the request fo the Canadians, who were none too happy at the use of chainsaws and missed deliveries.








6772a67a3d9147f5c76418cfd6767af5After said murder, Picker tries to leave with the cash, but Boyd and Duffy get the better of him, so it’s off to meet with the Canadians, that requested Sammy’s untimely exit. They’ll get one more shipment to Harlan, but that’s it business is done. So Boyd will have to find a new way of making dough, now that the drugs, and Audrey’s are both gone.

791b1b485e924947c911ebee79f087c1Boyd it seems will also have to begin looking for a new way to get Ava out of jail, considering he bludgeons Lee Paxton in a fit of rage, when he won’t help him persuade the Judge Bishop, who was assigned Ava’s case. We don’t know yet what the fallout from this will be, but it’ll be big.



So it looks like this season will focus a lot on the trouble Boyd seems to be making for himself, along with Raylan having to take care of what trouble the Crowes make for him.

What are your thoughts on the episode, which earned the rating of “Happy Kitten”? Leave us a comment below!

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